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On-Screen Takeoff Training

Scroll down for dozens of training videos. Everything from Activating, Setup, Performing Takeoff, Databases, Printing, and more. It’s all here.


On-Screen Takeoff Introduction – Overview


Activation with License Manager
Activation with Code

Program Tabs

On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Bids Tab
On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Image Tab
On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Takeoff Tab
On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Worksheet Tab


Creating and Maintaining Databases

Setting Program Defaults & Options

Tools and Options

Projects, Alternates, & Change Orders

Creating Bids
ConstructConnect Project Intelligence to OST Integration
Alternates & Change Orders

Plans & Images

Adding Images to a Bid 

Conditions & Zones

Linear Conditions
Area Conditions
Count Conditions
Atttachment Conditions
Styles and Style Sets

Performing Takeoff & Drawing Annotations

Linear Takeoff
Area Takeoff
Multi-Condition Takeoff
Auto Count
Area Grids
Area Backout and Autofill
Duplicate and Reassign
Annotation Tools
Named Views and Hotlinks
Intelligent Pasting

Area & Typical Takeoff

Bid Areas
Typical Groups
Repeating Pages
Typical Areas

Layers & Image Legend

Importing & Exporting

Project Express

Project Express Overview

Price Options

Price Using Excel
Price Using Quick Bid