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On-Screen Takeoff Training

Scroll down for dozens of training videos. Everything from Activating, Setup, Performing Takeoff, Databases, Printing, and more. It’s all here.

Getting Started



Program Tabs

On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Bids Tab
On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Image Tab
On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Takeoff Tab
On Screen Takeoff Program Tab – Worksheet Tab


Creating and Maintaining Databases

Setting Program Defaults & Options

Tools and Options

Projects, Alternates, & Change Orders

Creating Bids
ConstructConnect Project Intelligence to OST Integration
Alternates & Change Orders

Plans & Images

Adding Images to a Bid 
Setting Scale

Conditions & Zones

Linear Conditions
Area Conditions
Count Conditions
Linear Attachments
Area Attachments
Styles and Style Sets

Performing Takeoff & Drawing Annotations

Linear Takeoff
Area Takeoff
Multi-Condition Takeoff
Auto Count
Area Grids
Area Backout and Autofill
Duplicate and Reassign
Annotation Tools
The View Windows
Named Views and Hotlinks
Intelligent Pasting

Area & Typical Takeoff

Bid Areas
Typical Groups
Repeating Pages
Typical Areas

Layers & Image Legend

Importing & Exporting

Importing & Exporting

Project Express

Project Express Overview

Price Options

Price Using Excel
Price Using Quick Bid