Partner with power, estimate with precision.

Building a successful business takes time. Building competitive bids shouldn’t. Use On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, or another one of our precise estimating tools for subcontractors and transform your business.

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Mechanical / Electrical / Plumbing (MEP)

Estimate electrical, cable, and data/telecom projects with speed and accuracy. Quickly count switches, dimmers, receptacles, and outlets. Measure linear distances for conduits and cable runs with our On-Screen Takeoff application. Calculate pipe and fittings for a broad range of commercial projects including retail, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. Add materials from your plumbing or electrical jobs to set up your bid and takeoff based on current prices and your trusted suppliers. Quickly change prices to match specs for high-grade pipe, valves, fittings, hangers, clean-outs, vents, pumps and more.



Estimate firestopping construction using current suppliers of certified materials for barriers, conduit, cables, pipes and ducts, designed to deter fire, smoke, and toxic gases through openings in walls, floors, and ceiling assemblies. Capture the system for stairwell pressurization and smoke exhaust. A combination of Quick Bid, and On-Screen Takeoff makes it easy for you to customize your counts, materials, and components for estimation and make adjustments for change orders in the heat of the moment.


Calculate your next commercial roofing bid in minutes with our powerful On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid programs. Start with On Center’s Roofing database of materials from the top names in the industry, Johns Manville, Firestone, and CertainTeed. Select the membranes, single-ply thermosets, thermoplastics and modified bitumen, sheet metal flashing, and accessory components in the bid specs. Capture the roof area with your mouse. Within a few minutes, you have takeoff.


Masonry and Stone

Calculate everything you need to build masonry walls for commercial projects including block, mortar, sand, cavity fill, bond beams, rebar, decorative stone, and concrete architectural pieces. Reduce your takeoff time by 50% or more using our powerful On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid. Build an estimate, get a change order. Not a problem. Plug in the new specs and crunch out new numbers with software automation. Speed up the process using Quick Bid by simply loading your historical data. Now you’ve built a sturdy, customized bid, takeoff and management structure.


Are you still using estimating tools from the days of orange shag carpet? If it takes you two or three days to patch together a bid with pencil, notepad, and calculator, you are more than 25 years behind the times. It’s an expensive waste of your time and it is costing you bid wins. Contractors in the flooring trade can create a bid in minutes using On-Screen Takeoff®, Quick Bid®, and Digital Production Control™.



How many yards of sod will you need for the park you’re bidding? How many shrubs do you need for that new complex? Generate exact material lists with tools to help you measure areas, volumes, and lengths. Use the count tool to calculate exactly how many plants to order, and where to put them.

Paint & Coatings

Taking days to pour over an estimate is an expensive waste of time that can cost you thousands of dollars. Guesstimates can lead to over or underestimating your bid by simply overlooking a detail. The smoother process for paint and coatings contractors is using On Center’s construction project management software for subcontractors: On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid and Digital Production Control.


Walls & Ceilings

How much sheetrock, tape, mud, screws, and crew will you need for the office building bid? Automatically generate detailed material lists and a project plan with On Center Software. Your bid is computed and organized in a presentation with your company’s letterhead. When you win the job, you have a jump start on the project plan.

Doors & Hardware

If doors and hardware are in your wheelhouse, On Center Software has the automated project management tools to exceedingly increase your bids and wins. On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid count the number of doors, frames, hinges, stops, knobs and labor time/rates to install them. Your bid is computed and organized in a presentation form with your company’s letterhead.



Taking days to pour over and form an estimate with a ruler, pencil, paper, blueprints, and a hand-held calculator may get the concrete bid done, but it is an expensive waste of time that can cost you thousands of dollars. Human error and rough estimates based on old data can lead to over estimating costs and a lost bid. You can miss something and under bid your estimates, win the contract, but now you have undercut your labor and materials and may have to eat it. This isn’t the foundation of good project management. On Center’s construction project management software for subcontractors can keep everything aligned.