General Contractor Estimating Software

Do you have any exposure in the bids your subs are giving you?

Digital estimating and project management tracking software specially mixed for general contractors.

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Avoid Risky Estimates

During the bidding phase of a project, the general contractor gets bombarded with estimates from subcontractors spanning all of the CSI divisions. So from the very beginning of a project, risk is introduced with the possibility of an estimate not covering the complete scope and spec. If this risk can’t be shifted from the GC to the subcontractors, then it is up to the general contractor to make sure every bid awarded is accurate, not overcharged, or low-balled.

It may sound redundant for the general contractor to double-check these estimates, but when money, litigation, and reputation are on the line, why not spend the extra time performing this process? Fortunately, the On Center Software Estimating Solution is designed to cut down on the time spent estimating, allowing the GC to move past this double-check phase quickly.

“Would you rather spend 45 minutes or 6 hours to complete an estimate?”

Watch two estimators have a friendly competition as they both bid the same job. One estimator uses On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) and Quick Bid® (QB), while the other estimator creates the bid manually.

Four Areas We Can Help All General Contractors


Reading Blueprints / Plans

On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff® (OST) is the best, most powerful plan viewing, and mark-up software on the market. With OST, your project management and labor teams are able to view, organize, share, and annotate plans with ease and efficiency.


Keeping everyone informed

Effective communication between all parties involved with the construction project is vital and converges on the general contractor. On Center Software’s products are designed to help improve communication between the architect, general contractor, and sub contractors. By leveraging electronic plans and documents, On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid are used to convey the cost and specifications of plan addendums, change orders, and responses to RFIs.


Ordering & Managing Materials

The general contractor is usually the one responsible for obtaining materials for the project. With On Center Software, bids can be quickly broken down by the general contractor to create material stocking lists for specific floors, zones, or selected scope. All quantities and pricing are quickly calculated in Quick Bid. Manufacturing vendors can be compared using Quick Bid’s eQuote feature. Now the contractor can shop for the best material prices and increase the profit on those line items.


Communicating & Estimating Change Orders

A project will easily encounter one dozen or even one hundred change orders. That is why On Center Software includes On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid as part of its project management solution to quickly identify and estimate the labor and material costs. Each change order is effectively organized and can instantly be pushed out to the teams in the field.