Quick Bid

Fast and Accurate Estimation Software

Put Quick Bid® to work for you to increase your estimating accuracy in a fraction of the time it takes manually. Accelerate your bid estimation process, submit more bids, in professional packages, and win more profitable projects.

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Spreadsheets alone are not professional bids

Quick Bid sharpens the accuracy of your bids and enables you to compete for more jobs. Manual estimates with notes, and marked up drawings are obsolete. Compile itemized costs, labor rates, change orders, and materials, to precisely predict the cost of a job and avoid bidding too low or too high. Quick Bid seamlessly integrates with the newest version of On-Screen Takeoff software so you can import your data 10 times faster from your takeoffs. Get timely cost quotes from suppliers with eQuotes. Fill your job pipeline when you turn on the Quick Bid machine, a premier estimation software.

Better Construction Bid Management

Quickly manage your bid in Quick Bid with the Bid Navigator. Each bid has tabs that allow you to view your conditions, equipment, labor, markups, and materials. All tabs and the columns can be filtered for better organization of your bid and you can switch back and forth between your database and bid.

Key Features


Ever need to update material pricing on a bid? eQuote lets you send a material list to a supplier or vendor to solicit the latest prices, which can be incorporated into your current bid quickly and easily – and it’s all electronic so there’s no manual input required.

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Integrates with On-Screen Takeoff and Accounting Programs

All your takeoff quantities from OST seamlessly integrate with Quick Bid to facilitate further calculations for things such as how many gallons of paint or how many metal studs are needed for your job. What’s more, Quick Bid features accounting-friendly templates that let you export important data for job costing purposes.

Powerful and Accurate Calculations

Why spend hours crunching numbers on a calculator when Quick Bid can do the work for you? Quick Bid enables your estimators to be more thorough and productive by automating many of the functions you now perform manually. Bids are adjusted easily & quickly.

Manufacturer Material Databases

Access specialty items, assemblies, and other bidding information from top manufacturers in the construction industry.

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Professional Reports and Proposals

Create proposals with detailed data about job costs. Customize proposals with your company logo for a polished layout and presentation.

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Trade Databases

You can purchase trade-specific starter databases that include hundreds of items, assemblies, and other bidding information to get you bidding faster than ever using components relative to your line of work.

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