Roofing Estimating Software

Tap away at building your bids by hand or bring on the leading takeoff, estimating, and project tracking software. 

The trifecta of takeoff, estimating, and project tracking software. 

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We Know Roofing

Calculate your next roofing bid in minutes with On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid. Start with our roofing database of materials from the top names in the industry, Johns Manville, Firestone, and CertainTeed. Select the membranes, single-ply thermosets, thermoplastics and modified bitumen, sheet metal flashing, and accessory components in the bid specs. Capture the roof area with your mouse. Within a few minutes, you have takeoff. 

You will have the most accurate estimating and takeoff measurements possible, ready to calculate your next bid. Each successive bid is more fine-tuned, faster, and much more precise.

On-Screen Takeoff

Calculate your takeoff of surface areas both for flat and sloped roofs, membranes, adhesive, and plates, quantities for layers, and sheet metal flashing with On-Screen Takeoff.

Easily take off multiple items simultaneously, such as the roof membrane, insulation, and flashing.

Easily share electronic plans between the office and the construction site. View change orders on color-coded digitized plans from a laptop or tablet device on site. 

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The Support staff has been great. They are always available and reply to any questions or problems fast. They have been friendly and courteous to deal with as well.


Quick Bid

Priced estimates can be assembled quickly, reviewed, and revised with last-minute changes recalculated. Detailed, accurate bids are generated in much less time. Quick Bid streamlines the estimating process by automating and consolidating many functions, minimizing data-entry errors, miscommunications, duplications, and manual calculation mistakes.

Commercial roofing contractors can quickly calculate every detail for material and labor they need to estimate and bid. Incorporate items from manufacturers you recognize such as Johns Mansville, Firestone, & GAF.

For a finished bid, you can also manage burden & add markups such as overhead and profit. Quick Bid provides an email quote process, eQuote, for suppliers to submit up-to-the-minute pricing. 

Digital Production Control

Incorporate your actual roof data, from takeoff, to bid, to build. Digital Production Control (DPC) integrates and digitizes data from On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid and brings it all together for realtime labor analysis of your job and a jump start on future bids.

DPC continuously records project data for crew and production management. Labor production and detailed documentation of completed work to help clarify decisions and approvals should disputes arise over project overruns. 


Try On-Screen Takeoff for Free

Put On-Screen Takeoff to the test with a risk-free, 14-day trial and see how easy it is to get more takeoff done in less time with the right tools.