Concrete Estimating Software

Are your bid estimates taking longer to set than concrete?

Digital takeoff and estimating software specially mixed for concrete contractors

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We Know Concrete

Is it taking days to pour over and form an estimate with pencil, paper, drawings, and a hand-held calculator may get the concrete bid done? This can be expensive and time-consuming process. Human error and rough estimates based on old data can lead you to win a bid with inaccurate information. You never want to undercut your labor and materials. 

This is why On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control have become standard for the concrete industry. 

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On-Screen Takeoff

Calculate takeoff with just a few clicks. Get quantities quickly and easily for forming, volume of concrete, rebar, mesh, finishing, and more. Easily break out your takeoff into different concrete pours or areas. You can also mark up drawings and share them with other OST users. Easily take off multiple items simultaneously, such as slab and formwork. 

Quick Bid

Bids can be adjusted easily and quickly, allowing you to recalculate last-minute addendum changes. Detailed bids can be created very quickly. Quick Bid streamlines the estimating process by automating and consolidating many functions, minimizing data-entry errors, miscommunications, duplications, and manual calculation mistakes. 

Take the items you calculated in On-Screen Takeoff for things like foundations, curb & gutter, slab-on-grade, site cast, tilt-up, or lift-slab and turn them into material lists and labor estimates. For a finished bid, you can also manage the burden & add markups such as overhead and profit.

Quick Bid provides an email quote process, eQuote, to help you get material pricing from your suppliers. This feature allows concrete contractors to have the most up-to-date material pricing for your project. 


We tried several products before making our final decision on which takeoff software to purchase. On Center Software was by far the most versatile and flexible. As a general contractor, we are very pleased with your product.


Digital Production Control

With Digital Production Control, you can track labor efficiency and the percentage complete of work. Knowing the percent complete will let you immediately see if you are under expected production so you can do something about it.

Digital Production Control can help you narrow the gap between how much concrete you think your crews can pour in a day/hour versus what they are capable of in the field. This is great information that can help you be more accurate on your estimates. 

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