5 Estimating Shortcuts You’ll Love

The world of professional training and development has been my passion for more than 15 years because I love to learn and help others learn. One of the most rewarding things about helping others is hearing them say, “Wow, that’s going to save me a bunch of time and make my job so much easier.” […]

3 Ways to Prep Before Your Online Takeoff and Estimating Training

In the wake of COVID-19 and work-from-home becoming the new normal, more and more preconstruction professionals are choosing to attend training online. Rather than learning the ins and out of using a new construction software programs in-person, they are clearing their calendars for more online learning. As always, the adage—you get out of it what […]

Seize the Opportunity! 3 Reasons to Take Your Training Now 

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing most of us to stay home and stay safe. As a result, you probably have extra time on your hands. Let me offer a suggestion for all of you who work in preconstruction and are searching for something to fill a little extra downtime.   If you recently purchased new takeoff […]

Setting Up Your Home Workspace for Success

Many of us in the preconstruction industry are adjusting to working from home due to social distancing mandated by the need to control the spread of the coronavirus. By this time, you’ve probably secured the basic technology, such as laptops, HDMI cables, additional monitors, extra keyboards and a mouse, and so on. But that’s just […]

5 Aha Moments for Estimators

Do you often feel chained to your cell phone? Maybe not, but you probably think life would be bleak without it. Even so, I suspect a few of us ever leverage our mobile devices to their fullest potential. Think of it—we’re basically carrying around a supercomputer in our pocket, yet we tend to use only […]

Four Ways You Can Work Smarter in 2020

With another holiday season behind us and a new year (and decade) just beginning, you may be searching for new ways to maximize your time, increase your efficiency, and generally get more done in both your professional and personal life. Time—let’s face it—is the great equalizer. Whether you’re a roofing contractor in Iowa or a […]

Setting and Achieving Your Construction Goals

As a construction professional, what kinds of goals did you set for yourself in 2019? Did you resolve to get a promotion or to take on more responsibility in your current role? As we round out this year and head into another, where do you stand with your goals? Whether you’re an estimator or a […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts for Sharper Listening Skills

Construction is a complex business with many moving parts. Getting the details of each project correct is critical for your productivity, ability to win bids, and overall business position among competitors. This is probably why almost every job posting for estimators and project managers cites “listening” as a critical skill for success. Ask any estimator […]

What Type of Training Is Right for You?

If your company recently purchased new takeoff and estimating software, your next step is to choose the best type of training. Do you want to attend an in-person class, participate in online (virtual) training, leverage other “self-study” resources, or some combination of the three? You’ll want to weigh a variety of factors. I may not […]

6 Tips and Tricks to Ace Your Estimator Training

OK, it’s time to learn the new takeoff and estimating software that your company recently purchased. But where do you start? How big of a learning curve will you face? How long will your ramp-up take? If you’re asking these questions, you’re not alone. Most estimators, project managers, and other construction-industry professionals share these concerns […]