More speed and accuracy with the dual power of On-Screen Takeoff and Takeoff Boost™


Takeoff Boost Artificial Intelligence for On-Screen Takeoff

Accurate and automatic quantity measurements are yours when you use the power of On-Screen Takeoff with the new, AI-based add-on that detects and automates Takeoff calculations up to 15x faster than with On-Screen Takeoff alone.

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With On-Screen Takeoff:
  • Choose and reuse multiple items at once with Multi-Condition Takeoff
  • Use templates to measure repeated rooms, floors, and areas
  • Reuse conditions and takeoff from base bid for alternates and changes
  • Create notes, project comments, markups, and linked views
  With Takeoff Boost:
  • Create conditions in OST for area, linear, and counts to auto-perform takeoffs
  • Measure in imperial and metric units on architectural floorplans in PDF
  • Process two pages simultaneously while you work on other tasks
  • Assign measurements from Takeoff Boost to conditions in On-Screen Takeoff

*Must have an on-maintenance On-Screen Takeoff, the latest version of On-Screen Takeoff, and a Takeoff Boost subscription.

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