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Avoid painting yourself into a corner. Taking two or three days to pour over an estimate with pencil, paper, sticky notes and a hand-held calculator is an expensive waste of time that can cost you thousands of dollars. Human error and guesstimates can lead to over or underestimating your bid. You could overlook a detail or simply drop or add an extra zero. There must be a smoother process for paint and coatings contractors. There is, On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid and Digital Production Control.

On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff (OST) calculates painting and coating surface area coverage. Wall height, width, (minus doors and windows), trim and molding. Measure walls, ceilings and trim simultaneously. Combined with Quick Bid, generate paint quantities, including number of coats, and labor time/rates. You can also view and share your digitized plans between the office and construction site using tablets, desktop computers and printers.

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Quick Bid

With Quick Bid, estimates can be assembled easily and rapidly, reviewed and revised with last-minute changes recalculated. Detailed bids can be generated in 15 minutes. Quick Bid streamlines the estimating process by automating and consolidating functions, minimizing data-entry errors, miscommunications, duplications and simple calculation mistakes. Quick Bid provides an email quote process, eQuote, for suppliers to submit pricing. This allows paint contractors to quickly adjust bids to up-to-the minute pricing or change orders.

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Everyone in support has been absolutely great. I wish I could remember all their names, but I have not talked to a single person that could not solve my problem or find an answer. Thank you! Paul Heath

Digital Production Control

Digital Production Control (DPC) is a powerful project management tool for painting and coating contractors in the commercial, residential, industrial or civil areas. Your crew will have a daily plan of which floors and walls get which colors and coatings, collected from your Quick Bid. DPC tracks daily progress and instantly “paints” the piece red if the crew falls behind, so you can get them back on track fast. The software auto-calculates costs, gallons of paint used and labor rates/hours and shows percentage completed with a click. After the job, you have a record of metrics with audit trails – detailed documentation of completion stages and total costs. This is solid backup of your painting job including any client changes and approvals, should legal disputes arise.

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