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Avoid painting yourself into a corner. Is it taking you too much time to do an estimate with a pencil, paper, sticky notes, and a hand-held calculator? This can be expensive and time-consuming and could end up costing you thousands of dollars. Human error and guesstimates can lead to over or underestimating your bid. You could overlook a detail or simply drop or add an extra zero. There must be a smoother process for paint and coatings contractors. There is, On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control.

On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff (OST) calculates painting and coating surface area coverage. This includes painting walls, (minus doors and windows), trim, and molding. Easily takeoff multiple items simultaneously, such as painting walls, ceilings, and molding. You can also view and share your digitized plans between the office and construction site using tablets, desktop computers, and printers.

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Quick Bid

With Quick Bid, estimates can be assembled easily and rapidly. Detailed bids can be generated quickly and easily. Quick Bid streamlines the estimating process by automating and consolidating functions, minimizing data-entry errors, miscommunications, duplications, and simple calculation mistakes. With Quick Bid, you can generate paint quantities in gallons, including details about the number of coats, and labor time/rates. For a finished bid, you can also manage burden and add markups such as overhead and profit. Quick Bid provides an email quote process, for suppliers to submit material pricing. This feature allows paint contractors to have the most up to date material pricing for your project.

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On-Screen Takeoff is the first piece of estimating takeoff software ever written that is useful for both preconstruction and bid estimating, and it even works for MEP systems estimating as well. Lorne Knowles

Digital Production Control

Digital Production Control (DPC) is a powerful tool for painting and coating contractors in the commercial, residential, or industrial areas. Your crew will have a daily plan of which floors and walls get which colors and layers, collected from your Quick Bid. With Digital Production Control, you can track labor efficiency and the percentage complete of work. Knowing the percent complete will let you immediately see if you are under expected production so you can do something about it. Digital Production Control can help you narrow the gap between how many walls or ceilings you think your crews can paint in a day/hour vs. what they are capable of in the field. This is great information that can help you be more accurate on your estimates.

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painting Project Studies
Tindall Orthodontics

Country: United States
Project Value: $200,000
Software Used: On-Screen Takeoff

Project Overview

Founded 13 years ago by Kent Swinson and Tim White, Timberline Cabinetry & Millwork (TCM) sought to be the number one provider of custom woodworking in the greater Manhattan, Kansas area. While...

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