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On Center knows doors and hardware

Are you taking two days counting doors and hinges from drawings–-jotting down notes, using markers, and a pocket calculator? It can result in lost time and missed opportunities. Rough guesstimates can lead to over estimating costs and a lost bid. You can rush an estimate, miss 20 doors, under bid your costs, win the job, but now you have undercut your labor and materials. These mistakes are not the framing of good project management. These missteps are why On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control are clicking with doors and hardware contractors.

On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff (OST) greatly improves accuracy when counting the number of doors, right- or left-swinging, door frames, handles, locks, stops, and hinges. OST seamlessly integrates with Quick Bid and Digital Production Control. You can also view and share your digitized plans between the office and building site using tablets, desktop computers, and printers. This remote capability, in turn, saves you time, improves your accuracy, increases your bids, and increases your profits.

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Quick Bid

Estimates can be assembled easily and rapidly, reviewed, and revised with last-minute changes recalculated. Pre-built assemblies can be used to improve efficiency for including all components. Quick Bid provides an email quote process, eQuote, for suppliers to submit pricing. This functionality allows doors and hardware contractors to customize and adjust their own pricing or change orders quickly. You have a professional bid and sales presentation to deliver to your new customer.

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The layover feature is the other best feature. You can see changes in plain sight in blue. I can see in seconds what used to take forever to redraw. John Parker

Digital Production Control

Digital Production Control (DPC) is a powerful project management tool for doors and hardware contractors. Your crew will have a plan ready at 8:00 a.m. of how many doors are on the schedule that day, counted from your Quick Bid. DPC tracks daily progress and instantly highlights in red if the crew falls behind so that you can get them back on track fast. The software shows the percentage completed with just a few clicks. After the job, you have a record of actual production rates with audit trails – detailed documentation of completion stages and total man-hours. This record is a reliable backup of your doors and hardware job, including any client changes and approvals, should disputes arise.



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doors-hardware Project Studies
University of Alabama Ridgecrest South Residence Hall

Country: United States
Project Value: $900 thousand
Software Used: On-Screen Takeoff

Project Overview

BAMA Painting & Wallcovering, Inc. (BPW), a commercial painting company, services Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, North and South Carolina, and Virginia....

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