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Quick Bid®

Quick Bid is a powerful estimating program that can help almost any construction professional bid jobs faster and more accurately. Bids can be adjusted easily and quickly, allowing you to recalculate last minute addendum changes.

Seamless integration with On-Screen Takeoff

Quick Bid seamlessly integrates into On-Screen Takeoff. Use On-Screen Takeoff to perform your quantity survey and that data can be transferred directly to Quick Bid. This interactivity allows you to see immediate and significant improvements to efficiency. Information only needs to be entered once, instead of multiple times. Get bids done faster with less errors.

Bid Navigator

Quickly manage your bid in Quick Bid with the Bid Navigator. Each bid has tabs that allow you to view your conditions, equipment, labor, markups, and materials. All tabs and the columns can be filtered for better organization of your bid and you can switch back and forth between your database and bid.

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Master Database Tables

The Master menu provides access to all of the database tables. Master tables are the building blocks you will use to price bids. You can modify and manage contacts, manufacturers, account codes, and assemblies.

Trade Databases

Each database is designed to enhance your user experience with template assemblies, cost codes, and material codes. Now you have multiple databases at your fingertips from many of the leading accounting vendors and manufacturers in the construction industry.

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Trade specific Databases with On-Screen Takeoff

Trade specific databases in Quick Bid provide both pre-populated and custom built files of information pertinent to the contractors.

Quick Bid’s databases create a resource library of supplier parts, equipment, and material costs.

Costs vary from country to country and region to region. For this reason, databases exist for US, UK, AU, and NZ suppliers.

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Quick Bid allows you to send, manage, and award supplier quotes using eQuotes. With eQuotes, Quick Bid users who maintain a Maintenance Subscription with On Center to electronically send and receive quotes from suppliers over the internet; eQuotes can be sent to multiple suppliers and then an estimator can compare those quotes side-by-side.

Bid Areas (with On-Screen Takeoff)

You can break out quantities by building, floor, room, wing, elevation, etc. When OST is used with QB, this tool becomes even more powerful as material purchase and stocking lists can be generated by those areas, production can projected building by building, and job cost can be determined as different areas of work are considered.

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Condition Detail

A Condition includes the information about a particular object such as the Materials and Labor necessary to build the object. See all of the details within your bid for items, material, labor and wage types. Customize, create or use template assemblies for more accurate and detailed bids.

Bid Areas (with On-Screen Takeoff)

With most reports, you can tell Quick Bid to summarize the information for a quick overview or you the report can be highly detailed - it all depends on your needs. Quick Bid provides thirteen built-in reports sorted into four categories: Bid Reports (Bid Summary, Section Markup, and Job Cost Summary), Analysis Reports (Cost per Sq. Size, Labor Risk, Cost Percentages, and Unit Cost by Cost Code), Labor Reports (Field Report, Payroll Report, and Production Report), and Materials Reports (Vendor Quote Sheet, Purchasing Report, Stocking Report).

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Quick Bid Full Feature List
  • View and adjust multiple labor items by time or money.
  • Click on the assembly button to save a frequently used group of materials and labor.
  • Add an unlimited number of material or labor items.
  • Apply quantities to a single area or spread across multiple areas.
  • Save breakouts for multiple CSI sections and unit totals.
  • Simply click on any material or labor price to make adjustments.
  • Change production rates on the fly.
  • Change a material setup on the fly with the click of a mouse.
  • Direct interactivity with OST
  • eQuotes
  • Bid Packages (sharing)
  • Bid Navigator (quickly switch between databases/Bids)
  • Bids Tab shows recap of each Bid/Project
  • Windows 10 Support
  • Quick access to online resources
  • Work in multiple databases at same time
  • Up to three Results per Condition
  • Supports Imperial and Metric
  • Ability to Restore delete Projects (if not emptied) Master Contacts
  • Import Contacts
  • Master Contact Types
  • Master Items (reusable)
  • Manufacturer databases available
  • Master Item Types (for grouping)
  • Master Manufacturers list
  • Master Containers (materials)
  • Master Cost Codes & Accounting Codes lists
  • Master Estimators list
  • Master Job Statuses & Types lists
  • Master Condition Types list
  • Condition, Equipment, and Other Assemblies
  • Master Payroll Classes (labor types)
  • Customizable Payroll/Wage info
  • Indirect Expenses (Stock, Clean, Supervision, Per Diem)
  • Bid/Section Markups (Escalation, Tax/Burden,
  • Overhead, Profit)
  • Additional Markups
  • Supports Gross and Straight Markup methods
  • Bid List filters
  • Condition List filters
  • Materials List filters
  • Labor List filters
  • Change Production for Items, Conditions, Labor Code, or Bid
  • Bid, Analysis, Labor, and Materials reports
  • Supports customized (user built) Reports
  • All reports can export to various file types (pdf, Excel, Doc)
  • Accounting exports to 13 different Accounting packages
  • Material exports
  • Generate Proposals and Quotations
  • Import Quantity Surveys
  • Copy/Paste Conditions/Condition Details
  • Easy install (MS Access built-in)
  • Support for SQL database
  • Sharing data (when using SQL)

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