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On-Screen Takeoff®

Have you ever wondered if there was a way you could simplify your takeoff process? Wouldn’t it be nice to draw takeoffs right on your screen and have calculations and measurements done for you? On-Screen Takeoff can do all of this and more while at the same time greatly reducing the chance of errors. If increased accuracy and speed, greater profits, and lower risks are important to you, then try On-Screen Takeoff.


Bid Wizard

Quickly generate a new bid within On-Screen Takeoff®, with just a couple of clicks. This is one of many “Quick Start” dialogues created to guide a new user through On-Screen Takeoff. When opening On-Screen Takeoff for the first time, all quick start dialogues are enabled allowing for instant creation of bids.

Multi-Condition Takeoff

Multi-Condition Takeoff allows multiple items to be counted. Need to takeoff the continuous footing around the perimeter of a slab, as well as the slab itself? Multi-Condition Takeoff allows selection of the conditions for each of those objects and trace out the perimeter to get the results for both simultaneously.

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Save Conditions and Sets

Save commonly used conditions to a library and use them again in future bids. Work even faster by creating subsets of the library (“Style Sets”) and add 50, 100, or more saved conditions to a new bid in one click. Now, starting the takeoff process can be as simple as adding new drawings and a corresponding Style Set.

Repeating Pages

Capture quantity results on one drawing and then replicate those results with the click of a button. The repeating page feature will replicate all of the takeoff results on that page three times, and even break the results out by floor.

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Trade specific Databases with On-Screen Takeoff

Trade specific databases in Quick Bid provide both pre-populated and custom built files of information pertinent to the contractors.

Quick Bid’s databases create a resource library of supplier parts, equipment, and material costs.

Costs vary from country to country and region to region. For this reason, databases exist for US, UK, AU, and NZ suppliers.

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Bid Areas

While OST helps you get accurate quantities for your takeoff, it also allows you to quickly reorganize those quantities into user-defined Bid Areas. This means that you can tell how much linear feet of a particular wall you have over the whole project, and then a couple of clicks later, you can see how much of that wall is on the First Floor versus the Second Floor. You can break out quantities by building, floor, room, wing, elevation, etc. When OST is used with QB, this tool becomes even more powerful as material purchase and stocking lists can be generated by those areas, production can projected building by building, and job cost can be determined as different areas of work are considered.

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Quickly compare two drawings with the intention of identifying where they differ. This tool comes in handy when changes between one drawing and its revision were not marked with a cloud annotation or otherwise made clear by the architect. By itself this can save thousands of dollars for companies by avoiding costly mistakes made when vital revisions are missed in their takeoff process.

Bid Alternates

On-Screen Takeoff gives you the ability to create an alternate bid within your original project. Identify and takeoff an unlimited number of alternative considerations from the original project while having the convenience of using the original set of drawings. It helps keep all project information together in one bid for easy organization.

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Product Screen shot

Product Screen shot

On-Screen Takeoff Full Feature List
  • Annotations (lines, clouds, call-outs, etc.)
  • Measure linear objects
  • Measure area objects
  • Count takeoff objects
  • Attachments
  • Access planroom projects
  • Download Planroom drawings
  • Project Express
  • Summarize Takeoff
  • Group summary by Areas, Page, Zone, Type
  • Basic pricing (via Worksheet Tab)
  • Export Summary and Worksheet data
  • Connect projects to Excel for pricing
  • Direct interativity with Quick Bid
  • Print plans (with or without takeoff)
  • Printing options (fit-to-page, scale, etc.)
  • Legend of Measurements takeoff on each page
  • Set, Calculate, verify Scale
  • Setup program options
  • Easy install (MS Access built-in)
  • Support for SQL database
  • Sharing data (when using SQL)
  • Program/Database Security
  • Customizable Security Roles
  • Duplicating/Copying-Pasting Bids
  • Bid Alternates
  • Bid Change Orders
  • Bid Packages (for sharing project & images)
  • Import/Export Project Files (*.ost) (no images)
  • Plan organization via Cover Sheet
  • Overlays (compare 2 sets of plans)
  • Rename page as it is being viewed
  • Digitizer/Hard board support
  • Support for Digital Takeoff Table
  • Powerful “Selection” tools
  • Intelligent Pasting
  • Saved Conditions and Sets (Styles/Style Sets)
  • Customizable and Reusable Conditions
  • AutoCount (OCR scans page for defined object)
  • Bid Areas - allocate takeoff/quantities
  • Typical Areas - multiple takeoff quickly
  • Typical Groups
  • Repeating Pages
  • Standard and Continuous Mode Lineal takeoff
  • Multi-Condition Takeoff (patent pending)
  • Normal and Two-click Area Takeoff Zones (phases)
  • Layers for controlling view Status bar to indicate current function/state
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Area grids (for tiles, bricks, etc.)
  • Area backouts (for ‘cutting out’ some takeoff)
  • Image adjustment tools (deskew, darken, sharpen, rotate, flip, etc.)
  • Takeoff adjustment tools (rotate, flip)
  • Dimension tool (annotation)
  • Named Views and Hot Links
  • Text tool
  • Advanced zooming controls
  • Panning control
  • Magnifier tool
  • Auto-magnify when performing Area takeoff
  • Renumber Conditions (entire list)
  • Master Job Statuses
  • Master Employees list
  • Master Condition Types
  • Master Default Layers
  • Import Employees
  • API available to link to estimating programs
  • Comprehensive, User-Friendly Help
  • Dockable Pan Window
  • Dockable Conditions Window
  • Dockable Layers Window
  • Send Bid Package to File, e-mail, or Project Express
  • Copy selected rows of Takeoff & Worksheet Tabs

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