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Digital Production Control®

Digital Production Control reduces job cost overruns and increases profits by providing the status of production and can recognize problems immediately.

Seamless Job Costing with OST

DPC’s Instant color-coded visual feedback for a job site and office management will show if your project is on target or over projected on its cost budget

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Program Tabs

View the scopes of your project from the field with seven unique tabs that are fully integrable to your On-Screen Takeoff or Quick Bid. Remove the guesswork and see your bids, project image, budget, timecard, payroll recap, notes and project express.

Percent Complete

Percent Complete is the process of selecting various takeoff objects, based on the Labor Cost Codes (LLCs) used to build them, and setting a Percent Complete at a specific moment in time (usually the current day). Percent complete is separate from, but integrally tied to, Timekeeping. Each increase in Percent Complete increases Earned Hours for a particular Labor Cost Code on the Budget Tab. DPC makes it easy for you to keep your project on Budget.

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Trade specific Databases with On-Screen Takeoff

Trade specific databases in Quick Bid provide both pre-populated and custom built files of information pertinent to the contractors.

Quick Bid’s databases create a resource library of supplier parts, equipment, and material costs.

Costs vary from country to country and region to region. For this reason, databases exist for US, UK, AU, and NZ suppliers.

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Recording employee time allows Digital Production Control to calculate actual (real) production values. Adding employee time means entering in time worked for all site-employees into Digital Production Control based on Labor Cost Codes (LCC). A Foreman or Project Manager can identify production delays and estimating inaccuracies based on how the hours worked are allocated to those LCCs.

Track your Progress

Production/Budget tracking is calculated based on the Percent Complete as set on the Image Tab and Labor Used as entered on Timecard Tab. Tracking the budget of a project allows the Foreman and Project Manager to control expenses by correcting production issues before they get out of hand.

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Project Express

Project Express enables you to send and receive Bid data to and from other users of On-Screen Takeoff and Digital Production Control. Being on the same page will not be a problem, as this tool allows for real time collaboration on bid packages

Analyze Budget to Actual Production

Your budget graphs can show a historic al and graphic representation of the budgeted, actual, and projected production and labor hours.

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Manage it all from the field

Change orders, alternates, slow labor production, and lack of materials can all contribute project landslides. DPC has two versions for project management for the field: The Foreman (FM) and the Project Manager (PM). DPC is uniquely designed for each role within your organization. Your communication from office to the field and vice versa is streamlined and optimized to ensure that your profits are not drained by wasteful processes and decisions that will affect the bottom line

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Product Screen shot

Product Screen shot

Product Screen shot

Product Screen shot

Product Screen shot
Digital Production Control Full Feature List
  • Comprehensive, User-Friendly Help
  • View plans & takeoff created in OST
  • Add annotations (text, lines, callouts, etc.)
  • Quick Measures (Linear, Area, Count)
  • Percent work completed by Labor Cost Code
  • Allocate hours worked against LCCs
  • Analyze Budget to Actual Production
  • Send changes back to Project Manager
  • Bid Change Orders

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