On-Screen Takeoff Named to Capterra Shortlist!


It just keeps getting better for On-Screen Takeoff! Once again, OST was ranked as a top construction estimating tool by another peer review group. This time the honor was making the Top 10 cut on the 2021 Capterra Shortlist for Construction Estimating Software.

Using exclusive data and user reviews, Capterra created its Shortlist after analyzing 211 products in their construction estimating software directory. After eliminating products that didn’t meet requirements for functionality and reviews, they took their highest-rated and most popular products to create a Shortlist.

Criteria Used for Shortlist

Instead of creating their usual Top 20 list, Capterra created a Shortlist using their proprietary blend of user ratings and popularity scores. By plotting the top products on a chart, construction estimating software buyers can use the Shortlist to see which products are strongest in each area. Using a chart view, it is easier for buyers to find the best construction estimating software for their needs.

The methodology of the Shortlist scores vendors on two dimensions:

  • Ratings are plotted on the X-axis and weighs the overall user ratings of products based on reviews written in the last 24 months. Products are rated on a scale of 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (highest).
  • Popularity is plotted on the Y-axis and takes into consideration the average monthly search volume for a standardized set of keywords as derived by a proprietary search methodology. This includes the vendor’s domain on the search engine results page—demonstrating user interest and relevance.

In addition, the product must have had at least 20 unique product reviews, met the required functionality, served North American buyers, achieved minimum user-review ratings, and popularity scores.

The final Rating score was calculated based on overall user ratings and was weighted more heavily toward newer reviews. Scores for each dimension were scaled to a maximum of 50.

OST Scores as Established Player

Of the 10 construction estimating products listed on the Shortlist, On-Screen Takeoff ranked in the Established Players quadrant. According to Capterra, Established Players are popular products that are well known in the space. These could include products that have been around for a while or are widely used. Other quadrants included: Noteworthy Products, Top Performers, and Emerging Favorites.

With an overall score of 79, OST scored 35 out of 50 points for popularity and 44 out of 50 points for ratings. With 155 reviews, OST also received 4.3 stars out of 5 stars.

Here are some of the Capterra review highlights:

  • “It is a good software for simple takeoffs. Counting widgets, or measuring lines, and areas.”
  • “Easy to do simple measurements and counts. The various levels and labels are nice, also being able to change colors makes it easy to differentiate between items.”
  • “I liked the ability to organize and derive quantities in different ways. One line item can yield several quantities in different units of measurement.”

If you’re ready to see for yourself, sign-up now for a 14-day, free trial of On-Screen Takeoff.

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