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What is takeoff software?

Takeoff software, like On-Screen Takeoff® by ConstructConnect®, is a digital tool that streamlines construction estimation. It allows contractors, builders, and estimators to measure quantities from digital plans quickly and accurately. By converting blueprints into detailed data, takeoff software saves time and reduces errors. Many general contractors across North America rely on On-Screen Takeoff as the best estimating software for new construction takeoffs.

 What does takeoff software do?

On-Screen Takeoff helps you automate construction counts from digital blueprints. Just upload your plans and get started. It offers:

  • Accurate measurements: Calculate lengths, areas, and volumes.
  • Material counting: Tally items like doors and windows.
  • Visual markup: Highlight and annotate plans.
  • Cost estimation: Provide detailed cost breakdowns.
  • Bid integration: Sync data with Quick Bid® to turn your estimates into competitive offers.
  • Labor integration: Add Digital Production Control® to compare confirmed work with actual labor hours.


Is takeoff software for estimating really necessary?

Yes, takeoff software is crucial for accurate construction estimating. Here’s why:

  • Make measurements quicker
  • Minimize manual errors
  • Ensure uniform estimates
  • Present more professional estimates to clients and customers
  • Get faster, more accurate bids when you pair On-Screen Takeoff with Quick Bid
  • Enable labor tracking with Digital Production Control and On-Screen Takeoff


You can make more accurate and efficient estimates by using estimating & takeoff software like On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid, and Digital Production Control. These software options can lead to more accepted bids, better outcomes on the jobsite, and higher profits. If you want quality online estimating, use our takeoff construction suggestions to streamline your processes.