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On Center Software Digital Production Control (DPC) is a Patented Technology that has been tying it all together since its introduction in 2008. Contractors turn to On Center Software to solve the most fundamental challenges to a profitable build labor management and cost control.

Track the Budget by using Digital Production Control Is tracking the budget your answer to making money?

Creating a budget is only the start. Digital Production Control allows you to compare labor rates and costs, clarify project scope with automation, monitor time and money, document the project, and feed that data back into a loop to improve your bidding processes in the future.

Increase output with Digital Production Control Are you getting the most from your labor?

Digital Production Control helps you proactively set crew expectations, schedule, stretch man-hours, and disseminate project info through field tech instantly.

Percent Project Completion with Digital Production Control What do you do when the project is suddenly out of control?

Know immediately that it's starting to slip with Digital Production Control. DPC can look at the data behind project overruns, understand scheduling delays and create a closed-loop project to keep everyone informed and on track.

What's Special About Digital Production Control?

On Center Software's Digital Production Control incorporates information from takeoff, to bid, to build. DPC integrates information from OST (takeoff) and QB (bid) and brings it all together at the convenience of the contractor's fingertips.

Line-out Your Crew

Using the estimated production rates, found in your bid, Digital Production Control helps you assign tasks to one or many crew members at the start of each day.

Thanks to DPC, guessing the amount of scope the crew should accomplish on any given day is no longer necessary.

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Cost overruns are a headache, mainly because they cut into profits and usually go undetected until the end of the job.

Digital Production Control prevents cost overruns by monitoring labor production output and instantly spotting any production lags.

During the project, DPC calculates and illustrates the project to be over, under, or right at budget.

Improve Your Estimators

Over time, material costs change, construction techniques change, building codes change, and crews change. How is the estimating department supposed to effectively keep up with the constant shift?

On Center Software has the solution you need to improve communicating field data back to the estimator.

Send ACTUAL labor production data from the field to the estimator using DPC. Then leverage this collected field data to make the next estimate tack sharp.

Learn how Digital Production Control has Helped Our Clients

Paul Haines, project manager and owner of P.C. Haines, Inc., uses Digital Production Control to reduce overruns. Client: Paul Haines
Company: P.C. Haines, Inc.
Title: Estimator, Project Manager, & Owner
Trade Division(s): Metal Stud Framing, Drywall, Plaster, Acoustic Ceiling, and EIFS

Synopsis: Paul Haines uses Digital Production Control to reduce overruns, improve bottom line, grow profits by over 200%, and gain a competitive advantage.Â

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