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On Center knows walls and ceilings

Taking days to build an estimate with pencil, paper, blueprints, notes and a calculator could easily cost you thousands of dollars in time and missed bids. Simple human error and rough guestimates can knock you out of a bid by over estimating. Just as bad, you can underbid your estimates and win the job. Now you end up undercutting your labor and materials and have to beg for more budget or eat it. Then you start it all over again from scratch to meet the next bid deadline. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

These missteps are why On Center Software’s On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid and Digital Production Control have become the industry standard. Immediately ramp up efficiency, productivity, and potential profit before the bidding process even begins.


On-Screen Takeoff

Calculate your area takeoff with one click. On-Screen Takeoff (OST) reduces human error and overlooked takeoff with a visual audit trail of the quantity takeoff. Quantities are available instantly in length, surface area, volume, and count. Combined with Quick Bid, OST measures drywall, ceiling, mud, tape and labor time and rates simultaneously. Easily share electronic plans between the office and the field. View your plans and digitized blueprints from a laptop or tablet device.

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Quick Bid

With Quick Bid, cost estimates can be assembled easily and quickly, reviewed and revised with last-minute changes recalculated. A detailed bid on a new job generates in an hour or less. The next bid calculates in 15 minutes. Quick Bid streamlines the estimating process by automating and consolidating many functions, minimizing data-entry errors, miscommunications, duplications and manual calculation mistakes.

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On Center Software has it set up so slick. I actually download everything from file, On-Screen Takeoff opens the files by itself, I can see the drawings, and in no time, I’m done. Two minutes and it’s all there in front of me. I can’t see anyone estimating without it. It used to take me three to four days to complete a bid for a school. Now it takes me three to four hours. On-Screen Takeoff is a fantastic product. John Parker

Digital Production Control

Digital Production Control (DPC) incorporates your actual sheetrock area, from takeoff, to bid, to build. It integrates and digitizes data from On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid and brings it all together for real time analysis of your current drywall and ceiling build and a jump start on future bids. Digital Production Control continuously records project data for a detailed record of metrics. Automated audit trails and detailed documentation of completion stages helps clarify decisions and approvals should legal disputes arise.



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walls-ceilings Project Studies
Energy Tower II

Country: United States
Project Value: $3 million
Software Used: On-Screen Takeoff

Project Overview

Extreme Power Services (EPS), a full service electrical contracting company, provides a wide range of electrical services for commercial and residential construction across new-build, remodeling,...

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