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Salvador Dali MuseumCompany Name: Reinforced Structures, Inc.

Salvador Dali Museum

Reinforced Structures, Inc. (RSI), a full service concrete subcontractor, excels in dewatering, excavation, formwork, reinforcing, hoisting, and concrete placement. The team of experts successfully handles a variety of structures including posttension, pre-cast joists, flat slab, composite construction, standard reinforcement, and hollow core. In this project study, RSI completed the concrete work for the Salvador Dali Museum (SDM) using self-consolidating concrete (SCC), a typical concrete mix doused with superplasticizer admixtures to make the mix highly flowable while maintaining proper aggregate segregation. This method was chosen to ensure that the structure could withstand Florida’s unique weather and ocean front environment. Learn more about the completion of the Salvador Dali Museum​

Company Name: Reinforced Structures, Inc.
Country: United States
Number of employees: 90
Project: Salvador Dali Museum
Project Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Project Value: $5.2 million
Project Scope: Concrete Construction and Design Assist
Software Solution: On-Screen Takeoff
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