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2012 International Sporting Facility BuildoutCompany Name: London Drywall

2012 International Sporting Facility Buildout

London Drywall (LD) specializes in drywall partitions for commercial office fit-outs, acoustic, fire, and insulation partitions. LD delivers a 360° project approach to customers: delivering a holistic view of the project, identification of unseen complications before they are problems, and ensuring completion to agreed deadlines. In this project study, LD worked with Icarus to find a way to deliver light steel frame that would provide a faster build than traditional procedures for the 2012 Olympics Sporting Facility Buildout. The combination of LD and Icarus made it possible to deliver rapid dry rolex replicas with greater design flexibility, impressive strength to weight ratios to facilitate extra wide spans, and excellent thermal and acoustic performances.​

Company Name: London Drywall
Country: United Kingdom
Number of employees: 100
Project: 2012 International Sporting Facility Buildout
Project Location: Greater London Area
Project Scope: Light Steel Framing
Software Solution: On-Screen Takeoff, Quick Bid
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