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Press Release

September 01, 2016

Construction software propels efficiency and revenue, while cutting costs, errors, and re-works

THE WOODLANDS, TX, September 1, 2016 – The 2016 On Center Software survey of construction executives, managers, and estimators, captures a growing trend of technology adoption and collaboration in offices and on job sites. In the second annual construction survey, just released, respondents show an uptick in use of mobile devices and the need for real-time teamwork. Computer laptops are now used by 65.7% of construction companies, smartphones by 41.5%, and tablets by 37.2%.

Field and office collaboration in real-time was viewed as very important by 57.3% of respondents, 33.3 percent find fast collaboration as important, while only 9.4% of contractors feel it is not important. Key business factors that are improved by construction software were ranked. “Minimizing errors and rework” was ranked most important at nearly 74%. “Increasing estimating production” was second most important at 73% and “increasing the bid/win ratio was third most important at 70.6%. More than 50% of the construction professionals attribute revenue growth and profitability to software technology, with nearly 33% claiming considerable growth is due to technology. When asked which factors were used for purchasing construction software, “ease of use” was the top reason at 93.3%. Customer support is listed as a major factor by 77.1%. Training support was the third most important factor at 65.2%.

What may be a surprise, use of cloud technology is rising. Today 36.3% use the cloud, while 64% do not. Nearly 47% expect the cloud will improve performance; 22% believe it will lower operating costs, and 16.8% anticipate the cloud will be more secure. The survey found that adoption of software and mobile devices has increased along with expectations that technology contributes to the company’s bottom line.

About On Center Software, Inc.

On Center Software is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies (NYSE symbol ROP). Roper designs software and engineered products for construction, health care, transportation, food, energy, water, education, academic research and other niche markets worldwide.