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Release Notes

1 OFC - 00 Oasis FieldCenter Release Notes History

Version Release Date Notes / Highlights 2.0 8/17/2017 New version of FieldCenter, new interface, new workflows. 1.1 4/8/2015 Punch List improvement, Spanish and 64bit support, Page Revisions, Cover Sheet visible in FC. 1.0.3 1/17/2015 Maintenance release…

2 OFC - Oasis FieldCenter 1.0 (10/17/2014)

New product, no Release Notes - please see the Product's User Guide for details on features.

3 OFC - Oasis FieldCenter 1.0.3 (1/17/2015)

No detailed Release Notes - this build fixed several issues identified by the initial users of FieldCenter, prior to widespread public access.

4 OFC - Oasis FieldCenter 1.1 (4/8/2016)

New Features Display multiple revisions of drawings (in Takeoff projects) Display Punch Items in a Filterable List that can be shared Show the Project/Bid Coversheet from Takeoff project Interface shows in Spanish when iPad language is set to Spanish Include…

5 OFC - Oasis FieldCenter 2.0.3 (8/18/2017)

Oasis FieldCenter v.2 is an all-new replacement for On Center's original FieldCenter (v.1) iPad app. New Features New Interface New, improved workflows - designed to make product more intuitive and easier to use Known Issues ID Description Work-around, if…

6 OFC - Oasis FieldCenter 2.0.4 (8/25/2017)

This is a patch to fix known issues and bugs identified from the original release (8/18/2017) of FieldCenter v.2. Fixed Fixed several bugs related to Punch Items including adding Photos, synching, coloring, and revision history. Set default color for Named…


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