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OFC - Frequently Asked Questions

1 How Does On Center Keep My Cloud Data Safe? OASIS OAS

Question What does On Center do to ensure my 'cloud' data is secure? Response On Center understands that your data is of vital importance to your business. Data security is critical, and responsibility for that security is shared between you and On Center.…

2 INT - Apple (MAC) Information (Q&A) - OST QB DPC OASIS OTK

FOR TEAM MEMBER USE ONLY Below are some of the most often posed questions and/or concerns about On Center's support for Apple... NoteS For products released after March 2018 (OST 3.95+ and QB 4.97+ and the re-release of some previous version which are pending…

3 Resetting Your Oasis Platform Password - OASIS OTK OFC OAS

It happens to the best of us. We all forget our password one day. If you forget your Oasis Platform password, you can reset it easily. Also, if your Oasis Admin setup your account for your, he or she may not have sent you your password before providing you…

4 Using Apple hardware (a MAC) with On Center's Products - OST QB DPC OASIS OTK OFC

Question Does On Center Software permit/support running its products on Apple products such as MACs, iPads, and iPhones? Answer Yes, but that "yes" is qualified. The level to which On Center supports our products on MACs varies with the product and version…


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