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QB 4.99 - 01.03 How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Quick Bid More Efficiently

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Using the keyboard for common commands such as copying, pasting, duplicating, and inserting (adding a New record) is one of the biggest time-saving features of the interface. Get to know the shortcuts and buy yourself hours of productivity!

KeystrokeButtonWhat it does/How it is used...
<Ctrl> + <C> COPY - Copies the selection to memory to be Pasted later
<Ctrl> + <D> DUPLICATE - Makes a duplicate of the selected Condition, Bid or Item
<Ctrl> + <N> NEW - Creates a New Bid, Alternate, Change Order, Condition, or Sub/Equip/Other entry, depending on current focus
<Ctrl> + <O> > OPEN - Activates the Open Databases dialog
<Ctrl> + <V> PASTE - Pastes the selection currently in memory to the selected location
<Ctrl> + <X> CUT - Cuts the selection to memory to be Pasted later
Activates the corresponding Menu when a letter is pressed at the same time
<Page Up> Selects first item in the Condition Detail Item grid
<Page Down> Selects last item in the Condition Detail Item grid
<Ctrl> + <Page Up> Cycles to previous Condition
<Ctrl> + <Page Down> Cycles to next Condition
<Insert> Add New - inserts a new Bid, Condition or Master record depending on currently active screen
<Ctrl> + <Enter>
Accepts and Closes current dialog box
<Esc> Dismisses dialog and/or cancels command (unsaved changes are discarded)
<Ctrl> + <Alt> + <R>
Recalculate Bid (refreshes all totals in this Bid)

Opens list if current cell (in grids) has a Lookup button

Function Keys

Function KeyWhat it does/How it is used...
<F1> Program Help - context sensitive based on current page (opens in your Default internet browser, requires internet connection)
<F2> Edit field or cell
<F3> View Item Detail
<F4> Activate Lookup for current field or cell
<F5> Cycle Material and Labor

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