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OST 3.96 - 01.03.01 Using Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Entering Information into OST More Efficient

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On-Screen Takeoff includes shortcuts to make using the program more efficient. Familiarize yourself with the shortcuts below to save valuable time.

Throughout this User Guide, you will find Notes in boxes such as this. Many of these Notes indicate some 'time saver' or 'best practices' tip/suggestion.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Download a printable Keyboard Shortcuts key here

Keystroke ComboButtonWhat it does/What it means...
<Ctrl> + <A> SELECT ALL - Selects all objects on current page or window
<Ctrl> + <C> COPY - Copies the selection to memory to be Pasted later - COPY
<Ctrl> + <D> DUPLICATE - Duplicates the selected Bid, Condition or Master table record
<Ctrl> + <E> ENHANCE - Toggles image enhancement on/off for current page
<Ctrl> + <G> GO TO - opens a dialog box where you can enter the number of the Page to which you want to navigate
<Ctrl> + <I> Opens the Adjust Images dialog box on the Image Tab
<Ctrl> + <L> LAYERS - Shows/Hides the Layers dockbar
<Ctrl> + <O> OPEN - Activates the Open Databases dialog box
<Ctrl> + <P> PRINT - Activates the Print and/or Print Preview screen depending on current focus
<Ctrl> + <R> Activates the Rotate Takeoff controls (takeoff only, not the underlying Image)
<Ctrl> + < T> Opens the Set Takeoff Area dialog box when using a Digitizer
<Ctrl> + < V> PASTE - Pastes the selection currently in memory to the selected location - PASTE
<Ctrl> + < X> CUT - Cuts the selection to memory to be Pasted later - MOVE
<Ctrl> + < Y> REDO - reverses the UNDO command
<Ctrl> + < Z> UNDO - reverses the previous action
<Alt> 1.) Activates the corresponding Menu when a letter is pressed at the same time 2.) On the Image Tab activates the Panning function
<Page Up> Previous Plan page (previous image in the list)
<Page Down> Next Plan page (next image in the list)
<Ctrl> + <Page Up> Cycles to previous Condition (from the Conditions Properties dialog box)
<Ctrl> + <Page Down> Cycles to next Condition (from the Conditions Properties dialog box)
<Insert> key COMBO button - adds a new Database, Bid, Condition, Alternate, Change Order, or Folder ADD (blue plus) - Inserts a new Bid, Condition or Master record depending on currently active screen
<Ctrl> + < Enter> Accepts and Closes current dialog box
<Esc> (Escape) key Dismisses dialog box and/or cancels command
<Spacebar> Toggles between Takeoff and Select Tools
<Ctrl> + < 2> Opens the View Window (a secondary window where you can see other pages/details)
<Ctrl> + < Shift> + <D> DARKEN - Toggles the Darken option on/off for the current page
<Shift> When performing takeoff, temporarily overrides the "Snap To" settings for Linear and Area conditions
<*> Zooms to FULL PAGE
<+> Zooms IN
<-> Zooms OUT
</> Zooms to 100%

Function Keys

Function KeyWhat it does/What it means...

Program Help - opens a context sensitive User Guide article based on where and what you are doing in the program
<F2> Edit field or cell
<F4> Activate LOOKUP or Drop Down for current field or cell
<F9> Refreshes Takeoff Totals (resends information the Pricing application)

Scroll Wheel Functions (mouse)

See Related articles for additional "Advanced" mouse controls.

Function/ActionWhat it does/What it means...
Scroll Wheel Pans image Vertically (Up and Down)
Click on the Pages Drop Down on the Image Tab and use the scroll wheel to quickly cycle through the pages in the project
<Ctrl> + Scroll Zooms In and Out
<Shift> + Scroll Pans image Horizontally (Left and Right)

Control Buttons

Button IconName/DescriptionWhat it does/What it means...
Add New Depending on focus (where you last clicked), adds a new Condition, Folder, Blank Page, or Style
Edit Edits the selected Condition or Style
Delete Deletes the selection (when performed on a Master Table, cannot be undone)
Duplicate Duplicates the selected Bid, Condition, Page or Style
New Folder Create a new folder in the Cover Sheet pages grid or in the Condition window
Auto-Add Opens a Browse window to navigate to any folder containing image files
Add Single File Opens a Browse window to navigate to any folder containing an image file
Change Folder Select multiple pages and change the folder where On-Screen Takeoff expects to find the image files
Lookup Opens a dialog box where you can lookup an entry in a Master list
Move Up Moves a selected entry, page, etc. up in a grid or list
Move Down Moves a selected entry, page, etc. down in a grid or list
Expand Image Folders When working with folders on the Pages tab in the Cover Sheet, this expands all image folders.
Collapse Image Folders When working with folders on the Pages tab in the Cover Sheet, this collapses all image folders.

Most Drop Down lists can be expanded to see the entire contents. When a drop down menu is activated, click on the bottom right corner of the list and drag it down and to the right to expand the list.

Context Menus

Many functions are available by right-clicking to bring up a Context Menu. Some, such as showing decimals or grouping the Bids, Takeoff, and Worksheet Tabs, are only available from a context menu, most are duplicated within the menus or toolbars.

Example of Bids Tab Context Menu

Context menus change based on the current screen and the location where the right-click occurred.

Context menus are detailed in the article explaining the screen on which they are invoked.

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