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How Quick Bid calculates Man Hours for the Bid Summary Report

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When you are reviewing the Bid Summary Report, and you have check the option to include Labor Hours, you may be scratching your head wondering how Quick Bid calculates those Man Hours. This article explains the calculations.


  • User has Conditions that include labor.
  • User may use Indirect Expenses.
  • User enables the “Show Labor Hours” option in the BSROptions screen (which really should be relabeled as “Show Man Hours” to matchreport).


To calculate Man Hours, you must take into account the Laborfrom the Condition and the labor value of any Indirect Expenses (even if the IEare not calculated as Labor, a Payroll Class is involved with the IE andtranslates into Man Hours).

We will consider a bid that includes only one Condition, sowe can follow the calculations easier.

Condition Detail

Condition Detail showing Condition Markups

Notice in the Condition’s line item that there are 8 CrewHours. (The Labor Total, Crew Hours, and Lab. Cost are all co-dependent,changing crew hours, production, or Lab. Cost updates related values). Open theView Markups for this Condition and you see that there are Indirect Expensesfor Clean and Supervision – we need to consider these expenses when calculatingMan Hours.

Bid Summary Report (not broken by Area)

Bid Summary Report

Notice in the BSR, there are 8.92 Man Hours. This includesthe 8 hours of Condition Labor and .92 hours of Man Hours associated with theIndirect Expenses. Those IE expenses, because they are calculated as LaborCosts or Labor Hours need to be calculated.

To calculate Man Hours, you use the Hourly Wage informationfrom the Payroll Class’ detail. For Condition Labor, this may equal Lab. Costin the line item, but that only holds true if production is 1/per. In ourexample above, our product is 2/per, so we have to take 58.83 and multiple itby 2 to get 117.66 (which matches the Daily Wage from the PRC Detail screen).

Condition Labor PRC Details

Remember, we have Indirect Expenses associated with thisLabor, so we have to look at the IE Details screen and the PRC Detail for allassociated labor…

Indirect Expenses


Laborer PRC Detail

Figuring out the Man Hours for this is easy because thescreen shows us “0.24” Total Hours, but we can back-calculate this using thetotal Clean Cost, 19.89, and dividing by the Hourly Wage, 82.89 (which equals0.24).


Superviser PRC Detail

Because this Supervision calculates a Labor Cost, we have todivide total cost, $96.12, by Hourly Wage, 140.84, which equals 0.68.

When we add the hours of direct labor from the Condition, 8,and the IE hours, 0.24 and 0.68, we end up with the final Man Hours, 8.92.

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