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How To Show Takeoff to FieldCenter Users

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Can an Oasis FieldCenter see the takeoff from Oasis Takeoff?


No, but, we have a solution that may work for you.

In Oasis Takeoff, when you are done with all your takeoff, print all pages with takeoff to pdf, but first, enable the Image Legend. Make sure the Legend looks good and is not obscuring any critical information on the Sheets.

Printing Oasis Takeoff project to PDF selected in the Print Preview window
Print Preview - select "Save to PDF", browse to the location where you want to print these sheets.

Printing Oasis Takeoff project sheets with takeoff selected in the Print Preview window.
Print Preview - Sheets tab, select "Current Set" and the click "Select Sheets With Takeoff"

Save the printed pdfs to a folder named "with takeoff" or something like that.

Now, add those pdfs as a new Plan Set to the project, name it "With Takeoff <date>" - it is important to add the date because you may have to update takeoff in the future.

Match the new Plan Set to the existing Sheets in the Plan Organizer (so this Set becomes a Revision of your Current Set).

Now, when you enable this project for your FieldCenter users, he or she simply selects this Revision when looking at a Sheet in FieldCenter. The FieldCenter user will see a 'snapshot' of your takeoff and the Conditions associated with that takeoff in the Legend.

If you make changes, you just repeat this process and update the date in the Plan Set name.

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