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On-Screen Takeoff (10/14/2010) - OST DPC

Reference Number: AA-01846 Views: 2605 Created: 02/09/2018 12:24 pm Last Updated: 11/20/2019 01:16 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

On-Screen Takeoff

New Features

  • Users will be prompted to convert PDFs when adding them to the Cover Sheet
  • Added a custom "Select Image/Page to Include" option when creating Bid Packages
  • Activated Hot Links within the Second View Window


  • Align and Deskew controls close when overlay alignment is not active
  • When reusing an overlay file on a different page, create a new copy of the reused overlay file
  • Disable all Overlay options when bid is locked and/or when bid is in DPC mode
  • Support buttons are displayed when "Show text on selected toolbars" option is disabled
  • When creating a new bid verify the Bid Number is still available when clicking OK
  • Column headers are aligned correctly when exporting the Worksheet Tab to Excel
  • Interactive bids remain connected when moved to a folder
  • Changing the scale on a page with a Typical Group Frame no longer displays an error message
  • Restoring bids in On-Screen Takeoff restores all selected interactive bids
  • Print Area Indicator is able to be moved when a bid is in DPC mode
  • Using the "Duplicate and Reassign takeoff" on objects with attachments within a typical group frame will refresh the appropriate takeoff objects
  • Copy and Pasting Alternates and/or Change Orders will update quantities in interactive bids
  • Changing the position of your "Typical Areas" Columns' in the "Typical Area" dialog table are stored correctly
  • When Snap Angle is on, the takeoff and cursor align correctly when taking off large area objects
  • Bid Area names display correctly when Takeoff Tab is Printed/Previewed
  • Synchronizing databases includes Style advanced properties
  • Zoom level is not changed by using the Undo function
  • Access databases retain their database property settings when found and opened from the Open database dialog
  • Image Legend can be repositioned when page includes hidden layers
  • Sorting the 'Size' column in the Open Database dialog correctly displays in the direction of the ascending/descending arrow
  • Leading and trailing spaces are not saved to field names
  • PDFs with special characters in the path are now able to be displayed
  • Image Legend and Dimension Line Font Settings are independent of each other
  • Pasting takeoff to a rotated page will not display invalid error message
  • Bid No. and Project Name columns are aligned correctly when exporting the Bid Tab to Excel
  • Attachments that are duplicated and reassigned within a Typical Group frame are now deleted With their parent object upon deletion of that parent object.

Digital Production Control


  • Column headers are aligned correctly when exporting the Budget Tab to Excel
  • Column Dividers in the Budget Tab align correctly
  • Total Hours column are aligned correctly when exporting the Payroll Recap tab to Excel
  • Importing DPC Packages or DPC changes opens On-Screen Takeoff if it is not already running
  • Deleting takeoff with DPC data in typical pages displays a warning
  • Cutting and pasting takeoff objects that are already percented removes the takeoff from its original location


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