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QB 4.97 - 09.02.06 Intuit® QuickBooks® Accounting Export

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Our developers worked with Intuit to determine what they need to use our export.

On Center Software does not provide assistance with importing the Budget File into your Accounting package. Accounting packages are very complex and the vendor of your particular Accounting package is best equipped to support it.

To export the budget to QuickBooks Accounting software,

Click the Exports button on the Bid toolbar

Select Job Budget File

Click the Options Button next to "Job Budget File - the Modify Options for Job Budget File dialog box opens

From the Export Format drop down, select "Intuit QuickBooks" (exports to an XLS file)

Select the options and filename/location where the export file is to be saved

Click the OK button to return to the Bid Exports screen

Click the Export button (your file is not generated until you click the Export button)

The Budget File export allows you to create a Budget in QuickBooks, based on the final Bid information from Quick Bid. For assistance importing a budget file into QuickBooks, please consult your QuickBooks User Guide or Intuit’s support.

Export Column Definition

Only one row per Account Code or Cost Code is included in the Export. This row will summarize the total amount per code.

Column # Column Title/Label Column Value
2 ACCNT If Use Account Codes is not checked: <Cost Code> If Use Account Codes is checked: <Account Code> If Cost Code does not have an assigned Account Code: <Cost Code>
3 AMOUNT If Distribute Tax is not checked: <Labor Net Amount> / <Material Net Amount> / <Equipment Net Amount> / <Other Net Amount> / <Subcontractors Net Amount> If Distribute Tax is checked: <Net Amount + Tax> If Distribute Burden is checked: <Net Amount + Burden>
4 CUSTOMER <Bid Name>
6 STARTDATE <Date selected in Options Dialog>

Export Example

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