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OST 3.95 - Welcome to On-Screen Takeoff 3.95

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Getting Started

Before diving into using On-Screen Takeoff, it is important to get familiar with the program - at least so you can find your way around. Investing a few minutes to learn about the application will improve your efficiency and helps you get the most out of the program, so you can Bid the most projects in the least amount of time!

The video linked below gives you a brief overview of what you can do with On-Screen Takeoff. We've laid out this User Guide to get you bidding as quickly as possible, and then focus on improving your efficiency.

Quick Tips

Shortcuts - Shortcuts are available throughout the program and can help you save a lot of time. Keep reading this chapter for more information.

Wizards - Wizards help you get started quickly and are discussed later in this chapter.

Tool Tips - If you are unsure what a button does, hover the mouse pointer over the button and a Tool Tip appears. A tool tip is a brief description of the button or function.

Status Bar - If the program seems like it is processing information try looking at the Status Bar. The Status Bar is located at the very bottom of the Program Window and displays information about what On-Screen Takeoff is doing internally. It also contains the current date, and, if the database is set to require a login and password, the current user's name.

Context Menus - Right-click on most objects and within most windows to view a Context (or Pop-Up) Menu (for example, right-click on the Bids Tab to see a list of common functions such as Creating New Bids, Duplicating, and Deleting Bids). Some options are available only on Context Menus (such as the ability to Group the Bids Tab by "Job Status").

Expand/Collapse - Expand any folder, Condition Type or other heading by clicking on the [] plus sign next to it; Collapse heading by clicking the [ ] minus sign next to it. (The Cover Sheet uses slightly different "Expand/Collapse all Folders" buttons .

Basics - there are several articles that follow that discuss shortcuts, searching, filtering, and general 'How to get around' On-Screen Takeoff - please take a few minutes to review these to save yourself a lot of time down the road.

Confirmation Prompts

There are many confirmation dialogs that On-Screen Takeoff uses to verify different actions (such as deleting something from the Master lists or resizing Overlays). If you have turned off a confirmation (or all confirmations), these dialogs are suppressed. To turn confirmations back on, click Tools > Options and on the General tab, place a checkmark in "Turn on All Confirmations".

If you've been using the program for some time, it is a good idea to turn back on all Confirmations after upgrading from an older version. There are changes that may only be visible if Confirmations are shown. You can always turn off individual Confirmations again.

Getting the Most Out of this User Guide

This User Guide provides you, the end user, with a detailed reference for On-Screen Takeoff. We've made every effort to include as much detail as possible. These tools are intended to complement, not replace, software Training provided by On Center Software.

View the Release Notes for On-Screen Takeoff.

Check out the On-Screen Takeoff Frequently Asked Questions.

To make full use of this program’s capabilities and find answers to basic questions, please:

  • Read this Users' Guide
    • To familiarize yourself with the basic features of On-Screen Takeoff, spend about 30-60 minutes (depending on the level of detail desired) reviewing this User Guide. The steps in each chapter should assist you with completing your first estimating project.
    • Many articles include "Related Articles" listed at the bottom of the page.
  • Review the Online Training Videos
    • On Center provides access to online training videos for On-Screen Takeoff. These videos are a quick resource for On-Screen Takeoff application questions.
    • Many articles include an embedded video that helps explain a function. Usually, these will be at the top of an article and can be viewed from within the article itself.
  • Schedule Training
    • For advanced information on particular features or elements of use, please contact On Center Software's Training Department to schedule one-on-one phone-based training, group training at your site or ours, or take advantage of the many free Webinars. Our Training Department is staffed with industry professionals who know how to get the most out of On-Screen Takeoff. There may be additional costs associated with Training. Contact your Account Manager for details.

Typographic Conventions

  • Terms of importance, titles to dialog boxes, button names, Tabs, and Main Menu items are bolded for easy recognition when skimming through pages.
  • When instructed to select Menu choices in the application, each selection (click) is separated by the greater than (>) symbol and Italicized. For example, if instructed to select the Open command in the File menu, it appears as File > Open.
  • Many topics contain links to other articles or hyperlinks to other Web sites, including Frequently Asked Questions. Anything formatted as blue underlined text is a link to additional information. Most links to external sites and articles not in the User Guide open in a New Window - be sure to disable any pop-up blockers if the User Guide is not working correctly and verify your Internet connection is active.
  • Words or phrases referencing a common principle or important concept are Italicized for emphasis.
  • When you are instructed to press a key on your keyboard, the name of the key will be bracketed, like this: <Shift> (means to press the Shift key on your keyboard) or <Enter> (means to press the Enter key on your keyboard)

Related Articles

In many articles, there may be links to other, relevant articles or even external Websites. These links typically open in a new window - be sure your Internet browser allows Pop Ups from any site within oncenter.com.

Previous and Next Article Links

At the bottom of each User Guide article are links to the next logical article (and the previous one) - this allows you to 'page' through the user guide, moving from one article to the next. These links open in the current window.

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End User License Agreement (EULA)

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