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Oasis FieldCenter 2.0.6 (12/10/2017) - OFC

Reference Number: AA-01513 Views: 53 Created: 11/21/2017 07:42 am Last Updated: 02/22/2018 10:34 am 0 Rating/ Voters


  • "Standalone" product. FieldCenter-only license holders can use Oasis Takeoff in View Mode so they can add Projects and Plan Sets on their own. See the Oasis Takeoff Release Notes for more information.


  • Allow users to log in using their e-mail addresses.
  • Updated Oasis User/Admin Portal (see the updated User Guide for more information) along with a new Invitation to Organization process.
  • Improved project download performance.
  • Removed the "Device Storage" option from Settings menu.


  • "My Organizations" list is now sorted alphabetically, ascending.
  • Improvements made to how the application displays in Landscape orientation.
  • Named Views List is sorted by Named View name by default.
  • Returning to Attachments or Named Views List from Sheet View keeps the last selected row highlighted.
  • Linear dimension displays in millimeters when the bid is metric.
  • Tapping once, after selecting the tool, draws a minimum-sized Named View or Cloud annotation.
  • Last used Shapes color and opacity and Last used Text background color and opacity, font color, size and type persist while bid is open.
  • Stamps titles fit the space provided in the stamp object.
  • Opening a Named View from the Named View mini list or from a Hotlink should not select the Named View frame.
  • Saving Punch Item dialog after adding a photo places the new photo at the top of the list.
  • Adding a new Punch Item after editing type displays correct Punch Item code in Sheet Detail.
  • Objects can be moved anywhere on the Sheet Detail.

Known Issues

The following issues or questions have been identified.

IDDescriptionWorkaround, if any
The tool to add a Photo (Attachment) to a Sheet is disabled.This will be added to FieldCenter tools in a future update. As a temporary workaround, you can add a Punch Item that includes one or more photos.
87697Allowing iPad to 'go to sleep' during a download causes the download to fail.When downloading a project or performing "Updates" to a project, do not allow iPad to 'go to sleep'.
90416Cannot draw polygonal Cloud annotation. Currently, only tap-n-drag (rectangular) Cloud annotation is working. There is an existing Feature Request to enhance this functionality that may be included in a future release.
90005 Double tapping on Sheet Detail does not zoom in/out Use pinch-zoom.

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