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Oasis Takeoff Oasis Takeoff (12/07/2017) - OTK

Reference Number: AA-01453 Views: 1129 Created: 09/01/2017 12:46 pm Last Updated: 07/27/2018 08:22 am 0 Rating/ Voters

New Features

"View Mode". All "Registered Users" of an Organization can log into Oasis Takeoff and add, edit, delete Projects, Bids, and Plan Sets. Viewer Mode users can also create, edit, delete some Annotations (Named Views/Hotlinks, File Attachments, and Dimension Lines) and view Punch Items. A Viewer Mode user cannot edit/manipulate Conditions or takeoff objects (although they can see them) or access the Summary or Worksheet Tabs. Viewer Mode allows a user who does not have a license, or who has a FieldCenter license only, to add projects and plans for viewing in FieldCenter.


To save Custom Formulas created from within the Condition Properties window, use the Save to Library button in the Formula List.

Allow users to login using their e-mail address.

Updated Oasis User/Admin Portal (see the updated User Guide for more information) along with a new Invitation to Organization process.


OCS # Support Tracking # Description
80925 Duplicating a project shows the new project's bids in Bids list immediately.
88179 Added Res. No (Result Number) and Thickness columns to the Worksheet 'Export to Excel' column definition.
89857 The canvas view zooms in on the Named View when you double click on a HotLink.
90512 Saving PDF with more than 259 characters is permitted.
90505 Saving PDF (from Print Preview) now prompts to overwrite existing file.
91571 User can select weight columns in Worksheet Tab after inserting a condition template created prior to 8/17/2017.
64723 280630 Snap to angle is disabled when drawing curved Areas or Linears (Multi-Condition takeoff).
67616 286241, Defect #108 When Dimensions decimals are set to "0", the program rounds 12" to nearest foot.
91705 319960 Sheets can be named the same as a Bid Area (for example, naming a page "Floor 1" when you have a Bid Area named "Floor 1").
77550 Defect #102 Duplicated or Copied/Pasted Highlight display transparent, instead of opaque.
92259 Defect #111 Closing Condition Properties dialog after opening the dialog with Next Condition button leaves only the current Condition selected.
92888 Drawing larger than 10MB cause issues when "Enable Color Drawings" is active. (Solution is to limit files larger than 10MB to low-res black and white.)

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