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Quick Bid (03/05/2018) - QB

Reference Number: AA-01426 Views: 1800 Created: 07/19/2017 01:51 pm Last Updated: 06/18/2020 08:13 pm 25 Rating/ 2 Voters



  • Allow resizing Column Width in the Additional Markups grid.
  • "Show where used" option in Item List searches all Items, not just the filtered list (Customer requested the change).
  • Updates to ComputerEase and JobCost Budget File exports.
  • Make the Section Markups/Unit Cost box (Condition Detail) larger to show more rows.
  • Allow a user to set Templates folder location in Tools > Options.
  • Remove unused references in Folder Options tab (in Tools > Options).
  • New licensing technology to simplify code management and deployment.


Case/Defect # Description of Fix
293377 When Supervision is based on Duration and there is crew >1, the Job Cost Summary report prints correctly.
296140 User with Read Only access to Payroll Classes cannot edit Master Payroll Class information.
253522 Option to Import Bid into Quick Bid is disabled when a user has "no license".
284277, 284479, 298274 (Defect #69) Equipment assemblies that contain a Qty show in Markups detail.
287484 (Defect # 73) Bid Filters no longer prevent creating an Interactive Bid (from OST).
260701, 294650 (Defect # 42) Bid Summary Report shows Condition Type sorted in ascending order when group by type is selected.
80281 Custom Reports Bidsummaryreport table populates properly.
314881 Removed references to "Transaction" table in the database as it is unused by the program.
315641 When using Labor Adjust function on Labor Tab, and the Bid included Accepted Alternates, the Tab now shows all LCCs, not just those common to the Base Bid and the Alternates.
87686 Compact and Repair reduces the size of the database.
314085 You can now use Material Swap on an Item whose name includes an apostrophe.
90358 Quantities and Amounts from manual entry condition items display correctly in JobCost export and JobCostReportData table.
90702 (Defect 107) Copying and pasting line items in a Condition Assemblies pastes the copied items immediately below the focus point.

Known Issues

  • Pressing F1 when you have the Schedule of Values Tab open/selected does not open context-sensitive (or any) Help.
  • Returning one license key and activating another without closing the program generates a licensing error. You must close the program after returning a license before you activate a different key.
  • Copying and Pasting Condition Item's from one Condition to another may displace the pasted Items in the wrong order until you close and reopen the Bid. (97562)
  • Licenses keys that fail to activate (no licenses available, invalid code, cannot connect), are removed from the historical list drop-down. 

Windows Compatibility
As a reminder, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 (including R2) are no longer considered Supported Operating Systems and may not be compatible with this version of Quick Bid.

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