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Oasis FieldCenter 2.0.3 (8/18/2017) - OFC

Reference Number: AA-01419 Views: 91 Created: 07/12/2017 11:27 am Last Updated: 02/22/2018 10:33 am 0 Rating/ Voters

Oasis FieldCenter v.2 is an all-new replacement for On Center's original FieldCenter (v.1) iPad app.

New Features

  • New Interface
  • New, improved workflows - designed to make product more intuitive and easier to use

Known Issues

ID Description Work-around, if any
90812 Adding more than one photo to a Punch Item crashes the App during synch'ing, the project is removed from the device any changes made in FieldCenter are lost. Limit Punch Item Photos to one. This is a top priority bug that will be addressed as quickly as possible.
60152 Setting iPad Region to something other than U.S. when Language is English causes FieldCenter to fail to launch.
The tool to add a Photo (Attachment) to a Sheet is disabled.This will be added to FieldCenter tools in a future update.
90552 Tapping "View All" in the Sheet Named Views lists opens a list without a program header, navigation back is not possible. Tap to open any Named View, then tap the "HOME" link (upper-right region of app) to get back to the Projects List.
87697 Allowing iPad to 'go to sleep' during a download causes the download to fail. When download a project or performing "Updates" to a project, do not allow iPad to 'go to sleep'.
90416 Cannot draw polygonal Cloud annotation. Currently, only tap-n-drag (rectangular) Cloud annotation is working.
89949 Zooming/Panning a Sheet doesn't move Textboxes correctly until zoom/pan is complete.

It is currently not possible to re-size some annotation objects. This will be addressed in an update to FieldCenter as quickly as possible. For now, you must delete the object and re-draw it.
89670 Layers are not working properly This will be addressed in an update to FieldCenter as quickly as possible.
89711 Punch Item colors are reversed in the dialog box. This only affects display of Punch Item icon within the Details dialog box and will be fixed in an upcoming release.
90858 Sheet Punch List and Sheet Named Views lists do not update when a new Punch Item or Named View are created. Navigate to a different Sheet and return - the Sheet Lists update.
90725Deleting a Punch Item does not display a confirmation message. Be careful, deleting an object is a multi-step process so doing it accidentally shouldn't be an issue.
89952 Punch Items created in FieldCenter do not show a record of creation in History.
90831 The Modified by/on field in a Punch Item displays the first time it was modified only, not successive updates.
90809 Add Punch Item tool does not remain active after adding a Punch Item. You must re-select the Punch Item Tool each time you want to add a Punch Item.
90005 Double tapping on Sheet Detail does not zoom in/out Use pinch-zoom.

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