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Oasis Takeoff Release Notes (8/17/2017) - OTK

Reference Number: AA-01308 Views: 1095 Created: 03/29/2017 02:05 pm Last Updated: 02/22/2018 10:19 am 0 Rating/ Voters

New Features

  • Calculate Weight - you can now assign weight by linear, area, volume, and count measurements. Calculated totals are visible in the Conditions List, Summary Tab, and Worksheet Tab.
    • ***System weight results are not available in existing Bids, but you can create a custom formula/result and use the weight fields in the Condition Properties to calculate weight.
  • Full-screen crosshairs - by popular request, you can now set Oasis Takeoff to show full-screen (Takeoff window) crosshairs while drawing takeoff. You can even customize the crosshair's color and thickness.


  • The Oasis Platform ("the Cloud") has been updated to improve responsiveness and reduce the likelihood of an extended operation (such as duplicating a very large bid) to cause a "Terminating Connection" error.
  • All Projects will be enabled for FieldCenter automatically - this will eliminate processing delays. You will still be in control of which projects are available for download into FieldCenter, but the processing time, once you select "FieldCenter Enabled" will be minimal.
  • When exporting Worksheet Tab to Excel, the user will be prompted for a file name every time (to avoid updating the wrong workbook file).
  • Updated Formula Editor user interface to support "Weight" calculations.
  • Updated Summary Tab control to support "Weight" results.


Ref # - Description

  • 64883 - Snap angle settings are ignored when takeoff increment is set to "0"
  • 78930 - Special characters (", :, <, >, |) cause program to crash during printing
  • 36122 - Fixed an issue where undoing deleting a Typical Group Frame would cause takeoff objects to not register in Condition List Results properly
  • 76639 - If user "A" has the Takeoff window on a monitor other than the 'main' monitor, when another user creates a Project, user "A"'s focus switches to the Project and Bids List

Known Issues

If your Bid contains Sheets whose "Sheet Name" is the same as any Bid Area name within the Bid, you cannot open the Bid (the program will freeze up). We will release a fix for this in the next update to Oasis Takeoff and are investigating measures to correct this issue in the Cloud. In the meantime, if you try to open a Bid but the program freezes up, open the Plan Organizer (from the Projects and Bids screen) and change the Sheet Name for all Sheets (we suggest just adding "-1" to the Sheet Name). This should allow you to open the Bid. Please contact Support if you have any questions or still cannot open a Bid.

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