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Oasis Takeoff Release Notes (8/18/2016) - OTK

Reference Number: AA-01132 Views: 1134 Created: 07/07/2016 09:53 am Last Updated: 05/08/2018 10:31 am 0 Rating/ Voters

This is a maintenance release to fix outstanding issues reported by customers.

**the click-once installer was updated on 8/23/2016 to re-sign two DLL files. The original release build was


  • Added button to Bids List that allows opening the Plan Organizer for a Bid directly
  • Integrate background uploading of Plans/Sheets (you can access your Bid immediately, although if a Sheet is not available, you will have to wait for it to finish uploading before performing any takeoff)
  • Introduce "Resume Uploads" of Plans/Sheets when upload fails or program closes before upload is complete (including an indicator on the Project List for failed uploads)
  • Updated internal components to improve current Summary and Worksheet Tab functionality and provide for future enhancements
  • Changes Cover Sheet/Settings label from "Date Taken Off" to "Takeoff Date"
  • Speed improvements to processing and uploading Sheets (Images) in Plan Organizer
  • Changes to Plan Organizer are saved only when the "OK" button is selected. Switching to the Settings Tab does not save changes/start upload process. (User will be warned that there are unsaved changes if they try to cancel the screen.)
  • Add keyboard shortcuts (arrow keys) support to Projects and Bids Lists


  • Correct scrolling behavior on the Projects/Bids Lists
  • Added scroll bar to Delete Confirmation to show the entire Sheet Name for long entries
  • Force recalculation after changing Slope on an Area takeoff object/Condition
  • Printing a Sheet with Overlays displays all takeoff (previously, all Layers would be hidden when Printing when Overlay was enabled and the Overlay was being adjusted)
  • Changing Discipline of a Sheet in Set Editor now updates the Sheet Navigator drop-down on the Takeoff Tab
  • Several performance and other minor bugs our Quality Assurance group identified, not reported by customers
When printing, limit the output to 200 DPI or less (Oasis Takeoff stores all Sheets at 200 dpi, so increasing the output beyond 200 dpi will not improve print quality.

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