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VLM 1 - 04.02 Activating New ELM (Virtual) Codes Prior to Upgrading Client Software

Reference Number: AA-00902 Views: 3236 Created: 02/23/2016 11:32 am Last Updated: 10/16/2017 02:35 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Before upgrading On-Screen Takeoff or Quick Bid on any end user's workstation, you must ensure that your license server will support the new version. Each Activation Code supports a specific version of the software - versions older than the indicated version may be authorized, but versions highercannot be activated. When On Center releases new versions (the 2nd number in a version changes such as: 3.91 to 3.92 or 4.8. to 4.9), clients under a current Maintenance Subscriptions will be issued new Activation Codes (available through the Customer Portal at www.oncenter.com).

If your end users download and install any software upgrade and then open one or more databases, they will permanently upgrade those databases. Once upgraded to a newer version, databases can no longer be opened in older versions of the software. Users may lose access to their historic work if they upgrade to a version for which they are not licensed.

To check if the currently activated Code supports a new version,

  • Open the Enterprise License Manager Activation Utility
  • Click (once) on one of the "Activated Codes"

Note the version listed just after the Product (in this case On-Screen Takeoff version 3.8).

In the screen shot above, the version listed is "3.8", all versions of 3.8 (or lower if supported by ELM) may be licensed by this server. Version 3.9 would not be able to pull a license from this server. You would have to return the 3.8 code and activate a 3.9 code, then 're-read licenses' in LMAdmin.

If you are unsure if your license supports an upgrade, please contact Technical Support before installing any product upgrades. Please advise your staff not to install upgrades until you have cleared them or issued the group permission to do so.

If your end user upgrades to a version of the software they cannot activate - it is your responsibility to troubleshoot. You can either update your license manager (if your are eligible for the updated version), or uninstall the update and install the previous version. You MAY be able to restore a backup of the user's database(s), if available. On Center cannot restore databases to previous versions and we cannot prevent your users from installing an update they shouldn't.

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