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OST 3.94 - 01 Before You Dive In - The Very Basics

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Before diving into using On-Screen Takeoff, it is important to get familiar with the program - at least so you can find your way around. Investing a few minutes to learn about the application will improve your efficiency and helps you get the most out of the program, so you can Bid the most projects in the least amount of time!

The video linked below gives you a brief overview of what you can do with On-Screen Takeoff. We've laid out this User Guide to get you bidding as quickly as possible, and then focus on improving your efficiency.

Quick Tips

Shortcuts - see OST 3.94 - 05.01 Getting Around OST - Shortcuts for some time-saving shortcuts.

Wizards - There are four Wizards that help you get started quickly. See the OST 3.94 - 04 Quick Start Wizards for more information.

Tool Tips - If you are unsure what a button does, hover the mouse pointer over the button and a Tool Tip appears. A tool tip is a brief description of the button or function.

Status Bar - If the program seems like it is processing information try looking at the Status Bar. The Status Bar is located at the very bottom of the Program Window and displays information about what On-Screen Takeoff is doing internally. It also contains the current date, and, if the database is set to require a login and password, the current user's name.

Context Menus - Right-click on most objects and within most windows to view a Context (or Pop-Up) Menu (for example, right-click on the Bids Tab to see a list of common functions such as Creating New Bids, Duplicating, and Deleting Bids). Some options are available only on Context Menus (such as the ability to Group the Bids Tab by "Job Status").

Expand/Collapse - Expand any folder, Condition Type or other heading by clicking on the [] plus sign next to it; Collapse heading by clicking the [ ] minus sign next to it. (The Cover Sheet uses slightly different "Expand/Collapse all Folders" buttons .

Basics - there are several articles that follow that discuss shortcuts, searching, filtering, and general 'How to get around' On-Screen Takeoff - please take a few minutes to review these to save yourself a lot of time down the road.

Confirmation Prompts

There are many confirmation dialogs that On-Screen Takeoff uses to verify different actions (such as deleting something from the Master lists or resizing Overlays). If you have turned off a confirmation (or all confirmations), these dialogs are suppressed. To turn confirmations back on, click Tools > Options and on the General tab, place a checkmark in 'Turn on All Confirmations.

If you've been using the program for some time, it is a good idea to turn back on all Confirmations after upgrading from an older version. There are changes that may only be visible if Confirmations are shown. You can always turn off individual Confirmations again.

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