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Handling more than one scale on a single Plan in Oasis Takeoff - OTK

Reference Number: AA-00490 Views: 1225 Created: 01/26/2016 01:26 pm Last Updated: 06/12/2017 01:08 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

Sometimes, Architects include details in different scales on the same Sheet, Oasis Takeoff supports one Scale per sheet (this way, you do not have to set the scale on every piece of takeoff you draw). This articles explains how you can use these multi-scaled plans correctly.

As example, in the screenshot below, the Yellow area is at a scale of ¾” = 1’-0” and Green is ½” = 1’-0” (two scales on the same image sheet). This is not uncommon on DetailsSheets or Elevations.

What to do? Oasis Takeoff makes it relatively easy.Youjustduplicate this Sheet in Plan Organizer and name each Sheetfor the Scale your going to set it to.

Setting Up a Sheet With Multiple Scales

Open the Plan Organizer

Locate the Sheet in the Set, highlight it, and the click the Duplicate button ...

Oasis Takeoff duplicates the sheet and places the duplicate copy at the bottom of the list.

Notice everything is the same except the "Sheet Name" - it is been appended with "_A" to indicate it is a duplicate.

Now, Drag-n_Drop the duplicate to be the next or previous Sheet to the original, (just makes it easier to see it in the navigation tools).

Next, change the sheet Name to represent the Scale to which you are going to set it...

In our example we,

  • Rename the original to indicate the first scale (3/4:1)
  • Rename the duplicate the second (1/2:1)
  • Repeat for each unique scale used on the same Sheet
  • Return to the Takeoff Window and Set the Scale for each Sheet to match the Sheet Name

On the Takeoff Tab it is easy to pick the appropriate sheet based on the scale using the sheet Drop Down because each sheet Name shows its Scale, right in the name!

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