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Quick Bid (8/6/2015) - QB

Reference Number: AA-00273 Views: 1754 Created: 01/14/2016 10:59 am Last Updated: 02/22/2018 11:04 am 25 Rating/ 2 Voters

New Features

  • Windows 10 compatible – enjoy using your new software on Microsoft’s latest version of Windows®! (See System Requirements)
  • Allow a user to select which Items from a Supplier’s eQuote to accept – you can ‘cherry pick’ the exact Items you want to associate with a Supplier’s returned eQuote, even adjust the Supplier’s pricing if you like! (See User Guide for details)
  • Condition Detail Report updated – you can now print in landscape orientation with Production (labor) or in portrait orientation without production.


  • Update several Quick Bid reports per user feedback including the Job Cost Summary, Bid Summary, Purchasing, and Section Markups:
    • Bid Summary can now be grouped by Condition Type
    • You can now breakout Overhead and Profit separately from Conditions
    • Material and Labor and Total Unit Price breakdowns available
    • Job Cost Summary columns are now in same order as shown on Markups Details screen
    • Display Crew and Manhours on the Section Markup Report
    • Display a Grand Total on the Purchasing Report
    • Add the Project Name to all Alternate/Change Order Reports
  • Alternates and Change Orders are now sorted alphabetically rather than by the date they were created (sort order matches On-Screen Takeoff)
  • Update Quick Bid to support manual Condition Results from exported Oasis Takeoff file (requires update to Oasis Takeoff, due 3rd quarter of 2015 to complete functionality)
  • Add a Total Per Item column to the Supplier Webpage
  • Synchronize database logins/passwords if user(s) does not exist in Destination database
  • Match existing contact and estimator information when importing eQuotes and Bid Packages


Reference Number Description
170254 Deleting the parent condition in an interactive removes the Attachment quantities from Quick Bid
200851 Corrected dialog box message when deleting a Payroll class that is in use
240320 When importing an eQuote, the program matches existing Contacts
240320 Estimators passwords are written to Destination database (if they do not exist in Destination) when synchronizing databases
240320 When importing Bid Packages, if the Estimator already exists (name, e-mail, and login match), no new Estimator is added to database
12 After upgrading a database with eQuotes, the View details dialog shows Supplier pricing correctly

Known Issues

  • On some monitors, the new Condition Detail Report, when previewed in Landscape Mode, may cut off the far right columns. This is a display issue that does not affect printing or exporting the Report.
  • Importing individual Armstrong Assembly files (*.qba) is not working in 4.95 - the work-around is to download the entire Armstrong database.
  • eQuote sent from Quick Bid 4.94 will not show a proper "Per Item" extension price. This does NOT affect the eQuote in any way - the pricing is correct, only the Total Per Item price will display incorrectly on the page the Supplier uses to fill out pricing. Solution: upgrade to Quick Bid 4.95 and re-send the eQuote, although this is not necessary.

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