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PTL - 05 My Software Licenses

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When you click on the My Software Licenses option in the menu, it expands...

portal licenses menu

Each option is explained below.

On each sub-screen, you select the organization (customer record) whose licenses you want to view (if you have access to multiple organizations, of course), and you can filter to All, Active, or Suspended licenses.


portal license summary

The Summary screen shows you licenses you own grouped and subtotaled by product, version, and support expiration date. Typically, you will not have multiple Support Expiration dates, unless you purchased your licenses 'off maintenance'.


portal license detail screen

The Detail screen shows you each license individually (you will be able to see the Current Key (Activation Code) for each license, and if one exists, the Previous Key.


portal license assignment

Use the Assignment screen to keep track of who you have distributed individual codes to in your organization. At the bottom of this list are "Export CSV" and "Save Assignments" buttons.

Export to CSV - after you Save Assignments, you can export the list to CSV for local recordkeeping, or to aid in distributing license keys to end users.

Save Assignments - saves your current license assignments - if you leave this screen after setting license assignment without saving, your changes will be lost.

Suspend a License

portal suspending a license step one

Suspending a license takes it out of your active inventory. You still 'own' the license, but it is deactivated and cannot be used to activate software. Suspending a license also removes it from your Maintenance Renewal while the license is suspended.

To suspend a license (or multiple licenses), click the check box next to the license and select "Suspend".

You will have to confirm this action.

portal suspend license - continue

Your request is sent to our Client Services team as a Case. They may contact you for additional information.

portal suspend license confirmation

It is important to understand how suspending a license affects your Maintenance Renewal. Please contact our Client Services team at 866-426-2447 if you have questions.

Activate a License

porta unsuspend a license

Activation a license through MyOnCenter means moving it from your "Suspended" licenses to your "Active" license inventory.

To activate (or un-suspend) a license, click the checkbox next to the license and select "Activate".

You will have to confirm this action.

portal unsuspend - continue

Your request is sent to our Client Services team as a Case. They will contact you to continue processing your request (there are costs associated with taking a license 'out of suspension').

portal unsuspend confirmation

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