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OST - On-Screen Takeoff (2/15/2015)

Reference Number: AA-00252 Views: 415 Created: 01/13/2016 04:28 pm Last Updated: 07/14/2016 02:34 pm 0 Rating/ Voters

This replaces the original 3.7 build released on 10/22/2009.

On-Screen Takeoff

New Features

New dongle-less Licensesing (2014 update)

Windows 7 Compatibility

Make Open Database dialog sortable by size and date

Supports Autodesk's DWFx image files

Improved PDF response time

Allow the View Window to remain open when changing to Takeoff and Worksheet Tab

Add Enable Color in PDF's option in Options Dialog – program setting by default is unselected


Adjusted the installer to retain user settings after installation (

Re-enabled ability to delete single Quick Takeoff objects (

Improved TIFF file viewing performance

Planroom files will now download if Planroom folder is set to an unmapped network drive

Worksheet tab quantities are updated immediately when typical group markers are deleted

Turning on the Annotation Layer no longer enables all layers

On-Screen Takeoff no longer tries to synchronize with Quick Bid when no license is present

Next Bid Number is stored and used correctly when linking to Quick Bid

The Bid Date and Notes display correctly Bids are grouped by Job Status

Takeoff Tab supports printing of Page names over 96 characters

A Count condition created using the Condition Wizard includes Perimeter as a Quantity Result

Previous button is enabled in Condition Properties sub-folders

Bid wizard supports use of “Enter” key as “Tab function”

Updated Bid locking function

Number of pages correctly displays when importing a Bid Package

Improved PDF to TIF converter when using the Planroom Download Manager

Increased the Area Quick Add dialog Name field to support up to 47 characters

Modified storing of information when importing DPC changes.

Fixed the duplicating of Styles when adding Style sets to a bid when in interactive mode with Quick Bid.

Manual Length takeoff objects can be moved.

Disabling the Right Angle Indicator works correctly.

Changing the number of backups in the database properties is immediately stored in the database settings.

Scale can be manually set on planroom projects.

“Takeoff occurs off of page” does not display when linear object length is manually set.

Dragging the edge of an area takeoff over the edge of the page is allowed.

Optimized the calculation speed when adding takeoff in a page with several typical group frames.

Opening the View Window after using Auto Count works correctly.

Digital Production Control


Updated Foreman and Project Manager text fields in the cover sheet

Budget Report prints Indented Areas correctly.

DPC calculates negative takeoff.

DPC displays objects that have been counted as a negative quantity.


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