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OST - On-Screen Takeoff (8/6/2015)

Reference Number: AA-00247 Views: 3373 Created: 01/13/2016 04:25 pm Last Updated: 09/04/2018 04:10 pm 25 Rating/ 2 Voters

On-Screen Takeoff

New Features

  • Windows 10 compatible – enjoy using your new software on Microsoft’s latest version of Windows®! (see System Requirements)
  • Copy and Paste Backouts – you can copy a backout you’ve already drawn and paste it into the same Area object – time saver! (See User Guide article for details)
  • Copy and Paste Zones – you can copy and paste Zones within the same Project. Great timesaver if the same zones appear on multiple pages! (See User Guide article for details)
  • Add advanced mouse controls to improve support for wheel movements – scroll, tilt, and click your mouse’s scroll wheel to pan and zoom your image. (See User Guide article for details)
  • Ink Annotation - Allows you to 'write' directly on the Image window in electronic Ink - stored as annotation. (See User Guide article for details)


  • When zooming, the focus will center on the mouse cursor’s position rather than on the center of the current view. More intuitive.
  • Add warning banner when Interactive Bid connection is broken or bid is in “Manual Mode” – lets you know that your bid information is not being automatically transferred to Quick Bid.
  • AutoCount dialog box can be resized to show more Results.
  • Alternates and Change Orders are now sorted alphabetically rather than by the date they were created (sort order matches Quick Bid)
  • Add the ability to turn off the “Q1”, “Q2”, “Q3” labels in the Image Legend.


Ref Number - Description

  • 240541, 7 - Annotations can be single selected when Image legend is enabled
  • 19 - Highlights print translucent when printing to PDF; black text behind a highlight prints to PDF
  • 18 - Door counts in Typical Groups no longer make the takeoff in the Marker center incorrectly
  • 7, 8, 10 - Address numerous issues when printing pages with the Image Legend enabled including re-grouping of legend, printing pages that were not selected, printing takeoff that was hidden.
  • N/A - When using the View Window, the page navigator drop down now shows the current page in view as the highlighted page.

Known Issues

  • When using the Zoom tool, right-click does not zoom out - it invokes the context menu. Disabling the Advanced Mouse Controls under Tools > Options is a temporary workaround.
  • Cannot copy/paste HotLinks

Digital Production Control

New Features

  • Windows 10 compatible – enjoy using your new software on Microsoft’s latest version of Windows®! (see System Requirements)
  • Percent multiple Labor Cost Codes concurrently – huge timesaver! (See User Guide article for details)
  • Group Budget Tab by Labor Cost Code. (See User Guide article for details)
  • WYSIWYG printing of the Budget Tab – the Budget Tab report now prints exactly what you see on the Budget Tab (yes, even in COLOR!). (See User Guide article for details)


  • None


Ref Number Description

  • 22 - User can “Group by Payroll Class” on the Timecard Tab

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