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OST - On-Screen Takeoff (aka (11/4/2015)

Reference Number: AA-00246 Views: 5109 Created: 01/13/2016 04:24 pm Last Updated: 02/22/2018 10:38 am 25 Rating/ 2 Voters

This version is a maintenance update to and addresses several concerns/issues clients reported post-release.

On 5/10/2016, the installer was updated to correct an issue some clients experienced with activating the software when running on Windows 10.

On-Screen Takeoff


Ref Number - Description

  • 26, 225308 - Cannot print only the Image Legend, without seeing takeoff, on more than a single page (takeoff displays) (broken in
  • 29, 256050 - Cannot copy/paste HotLinks (broken in
  • 31, 256546 - If user resizes the Bid Areas drop down, that resize is not saving (broken in
  • 36, 257197 - Moving takeoff becomes increasing difficult as the number of backouts on a page increases (broken in
  • 33, 257580 - The Text Formatting tool is hard to engage on vertical dimension line (broken in
  • 38, 257430, 258365 - Selecting takeoff when one or more layers is 'hidden', and the takeoff includes Count objects, can cause an unexpected shutdown (broken in
  • N/A - When using the Zoom tool, right-click does not zoom out - it invokes the context menu.
  • N/A - If bid is locked by rights or job status, Annotations can be edited (broken in

Digital Production Control


  • Enabled Annotation Tools for Bids that are locked by DPC-mode (allows Foreman to drawn Annotations to send back to Project Manager).

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