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OTK - 01.01.01 Oasis Takeoff Installation Instructions

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Although your organization's data (images, takeoff, users, etc.) is stored 'in the cloud' (actually, on On Centers data servers), Oasis Takeoff itself (the program) runs on your computer. You will need to install some software before you can start using the product - do not worry, we make this very easy.

Oasis utilizes "Click-Once" installation technology. Once installed on a computer, the product keeps itself updated. The initial installation is the only time you need to actively do anything to install the program. Please review the System Requirements (see Related articles) to make sure your computer can run Oasis Takeoff. The initial download/installation can take a while (from 7 minutes up to an hour, depending on your network connection speed) - be patient and let the product finish installing.

Installing Oasis Takeoff

When you were granted an Oasis Takeoff license by your Organization's Oasis Admin, you were automatically sent an e-mail providing the download link for the product.

Click the link you received via that e-mail - if you no longer have access to that e-mail, just visit the Oasis Takeoff Product Information and Download page to start the installation.

If you are running Windows 8 or higher, or your Windows 7 machine already has "Microsoft .net 4.5 installed), click on the "launch application" button - the product installation begins immediately.

If you are running Windows 7, and your machine does not have the required .net 4.5 Framework installed (check Control Panel - Programs and Features for "Microsoft .net 4.5"), click the "Install prerequisites" button and follow these instructions.

If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows, please contact On Center's Support Group for assistance. The default installer runs on 64-Bit Windows environments only.

Oasis Takeoff Installation

Once the .net 4.5 Framework installation completes or if you've bypassed that installation, the "ClickOnce" installer starts.

Click Install on the Security Warning, if prompted

If you use an Internet browser other than Internet Explorer, the setup file is downloaded to your "Downloads" folder - locate it and then double-click it to continue the Installation.

The Click-Once installer downloads the necessary files. Depending on your Operating System and network speed, this could take a few minutes to over and hour. While the files are downloading, a status indicator displays the progress...

Once all files are downloaded, the installation completes automatically...

Didn't work?

If your browser prompts you to download a file instead of automatically launching the "Click-Once" installation, the world is NOT coming to an end!

Simply save the file to your desktop,

Right-click on that saved file and select "Open With" then "Choose default program..."

Locate "ClickOnce Application Deployment Support Library" from the list and make sure "Always use" (or whatever your version of Windows asks) is checked.

To install .net Framework 4.5, you must have Administrator rights on your computer. If you do not, please contact your System Administrator for installation assistance.

.net Framework 4.5 Installation

If .net 4.5 Framerork is not installed on your computer (you can check Control Panel's Programs and Features list to see if it is), you will need to install it before you can complete the Oasis Takeoff installation.

When you click the Install button on the Oasis Takeoff installation page, you will be prompted to Run or Save the file - click RUN.

Click Accept on the Microsoft EULA screen,

If you are prompted by Windows and/or User Account Control to allow the installation, please select "Yes" or "Agree" and then follow the prompts in the .net installer to complete the installation - just accept the defaults.

You will likely be required to reboot your computer to finish installing .net 4.5

Once the reboot is complete, you can continue with the Oasis Takeoff installation (documented above).

Launching Oasis Takeoff

Locate the shortcut on your desktop and double-click it to launch the program.

If you wnat to PIN the Oasis Takeoff shortcut to your taskbar, drag-and-drop the desktop shortcut/icon to your taskbar. Do not pin the running program - the shortcut will not work properly.


You are trying to install Oasis Takeoff but at the end of the installation, you receive an error that the application cannot be started:


Well, we hate to say it but you may not have read the system requirements completely, but that's OK, no one does. Your computer does not have a critical component installed, .net 4.5 . Once you download and install this Windows component, you will be able to install Oasis Takeoff. Just go back to the Oasis install page (from your e-mail) and then select the option to install prerequisites - we will handle installing .net 4.5 for you and then continue with the Oasis Takeoff installation, automatically.

How do I download and install Updates?

You do not - the program does this for you, automatically, every time you launch it. You will receive updates the first time you launch Oasis Takeoff after On Center releases an update, for as long as you maintain your Oasis Takeoff subscription.

You cannot "Opt Out" of installing product updates, they are integral to the operation of Oasis Takeoff.

Oasis Takeoff Overview Launching Oasis Takeoff

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