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Oasis Takeoff (9/10/2015) - OTK

Reference Number: AA-00241 Views: 1266 Created: 01/13/2016 04:15 pm Last Updated: 02/22/2018 10:18 am 0 Rating/ Voters

New Features

Check out the Oasis Takeoff User Guide for details on these new features (click Help > User Guide in the application).

  • Overlay revisions to compare drawings
  • Image Legend that shows Conditions and Results on printouts
  • Allow user to draw rectangular and elliptical backouts
  • Allow user to manually set length on Linear takeoff objects
  • Allow user to export the Punch List
  • Allow user to export the Plan Organizer grid
  • Allow user to export the Typical Areas grid
  • Add support for Spanish user interface (when product is installed on Spanish language Windows)


  • Consolidated names on Plan Organizer and Image Window (plans, sheets, images)
  • Include Condition Notes on the Summary Tab export (Case# 255969)
  • Automatically format textboxes to accommodate selected font size/text length


  • 36233/238817 - Printing to Arch D or Arch E sizes works properly
  • 37782 - Rotate and Spin Takeoff now snaps to 'Snap Angle' as set in Options
  • 37779 - You can now resize an Area takeoff segment after Splitting in one action
  • 37787 - Align grid no longer moves backouts when grid is moved
  • 37860 - Error message when setting invalid date in Plan Organizer closes properly when clicking OK or "X"
  • 37861 - Corrected text in error message when setting invalid date in Plan Organizer
  • 37799 - Printing multiple pages now sends one job to print queue
  • 40832 - Level 2 and Level 3 bid areas now export to Excel from Summary Tab

Known Issues

  • The checkbox for "Show Image Legend" in the Print Preview screen does not always match what is previewed. Workaround: check/uncheck and then re-check/uncheck the box - the Image Legend will then display/hide correctly.

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