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How Does On Center Keep My Cloud Data Safe? OASIS OAS

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What does On Center do to ensure my 'cloud' data is secure?


On Center understands that your data is of vital importance to your business. Data security is critical, and responsibility for that security is shared between you and On Center.

On Center's Part

  • Only authenticated users, to whom you have assigned a product license, can access your organization's data.
  • All data is stored on secure servers, protected with Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.
  • Data stored in the Cloud is encrypted at rest.
  • The Oasis Platform runs on Google's Infrastructure - one of the most secure, robust, and reliable cloud environments.
  • The Oasis engineering teams oversee operations of the platform systems to ensure high availability, and prevent abuse of platform resources.

Your Part

End User access is entirely under your control - On Center cannot grant or revoke access to your Organization's data, setup users, or prevent users to whom you've granted a license from accessing your data.

  • Assign licenses to Oasis users you want to have access to your Organization's project data.
  • Ensure that licenses are revoked for any user whose access you wish to terminate - immediately. For example, if an estimator leaves your company, you must immediately remove their licenses through the Admin portal.
  • Establish guidelines for how employees setup their Oasis user profiles - use company e-mail addresses, for example, rather than personal e-mail addresses; use strong passwords.
  • Establish guidelines for your employees to ensure they log out of Oasis when they are not using it, do not walk away from their desk leaving their computer unlocked, do not share login or password information with anyone.

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