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Configuring your Firewall for Oasis Takeoff - OTK

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Firewall Exceptions

Your firewall is your company's property and not something that On Center can configure or troubleshoot. If you need assistance with configuring or troubleshooting network connections, please contact a qualified IT professional. The information provided below should allow an IT Professional to properly configure your network to allow the Oasis Takeoff client to communicate with the Oasis servers. All troubleshooting of this connection is your responsibility.

There are two ports that Oasis Takeoff uses for which you may need to add firewall exceptions:

  • Outbound tcp connections on port 443 (https) to *.ocsoasis.com. This is the standard https port, if you can open a secure (https) Web sheet, you probably do not need to add an exception for this one.
  • Outbound tcp connections on port 61614 (stomp+ssl) to *.ocsoasis.com. This most likely will require an exception.

If you cannot use wildcards to configure your firewall, you will need to enter exceptions for each of these URLs:

  • ocsoasis.com                      (customer portal/registration)
  • adminportal.ocsoasis.com    (login and security)
  • api.ocsoasis.com                 (API server)
  • stomp.ocsoasis.com            (message brokers)
  • websocket.ocsoasis.com      (message brokers)
  • get-takeoff.ocsoasis.com     (Click-Once installer)

Add an exception for *.ocsoasis.com (or the URLs above) to your firewall so you can download, install, log into, and use Oasis Takeoff properly.

The IP addresses are dynamic and may change. You must configure your firewalls exceptions using the domain name, not a specific IP address.

Your router's Quality of Service (QoS) should also be configured to allow Oasis Takeoff users to have the highest traffic priority to avoid contention with other forms of network traffic such as streaming audio, video, or external VPN traffic.

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