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Upgrading Classic Products - OST QB DPC

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Before you install an upgrade for On-Screen Takeoff/Digital Production Control or Quick Bid, please take a moment to make sure you are ready:

  • Check Classic System Requirements to ensure your company/operating system supports the upgrade (technology is always improving and System Requirements change over time, what worked before may no longer be supported).
  • Retrieve your upgraded Activation code from the Customer Portal (if you do not know what that is, contact your manager/network admin).
  • If you are using a Network license (license manager) your Admin must update the license manager before you install anything!
  • Find out if you are eligible for the version you want to install - if you install a version your company doesn't own, you will not be able to license the program(s) and you will lock yourself out of your database.
  • After you install the upgrades, return your previous license code and activate your new license code. See CLS - Licensing Classic Products - Overview for instructions on returning/activating license codes.
  • When you open databases after installing an upgrade, the database is updated to work with the new version - it will no longer be usable in previous versions!
  • If your company uses SQL databases, do not upgrade until you are instructed to do so by your network admin/IT department. Before installing any upgrade to an On Center product, make sure you are running a supported version of Microsoft SQL. Upgrading from outdated versions of SQL after upgrading your OCS database(s) will cause database to become un-usable.
If in doubt, contact Support before installing anything. It's better to ask first rather than install something that will not work for you.

DPC Users - Special Note

Current users must follow the steps below to ensure they can continue using their existing bids after upgrading the software:

  • The Project Manager must receive all DPC changes from any Foremen before EITHER party updates. The Foremen must NOT make any further changes to the project until all users are updated and they receive a new Bid Package from the Project Manager.
  • The Project Manager must update their bid with ALL DPC Changes from the field BEFORE upgrading. Once the bid is updated, all users must install the same version before any changes are made to the files.
  • The Project Manager must send a new DPM Bid Package to the Foremen. Once the Foremen imports this new bid, it should replace the current bid and he or she can start percenting/logging time again.
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