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On-Screen Takeoff is the comprehensive, detailed, solution you have been searching for.
Don’t take my word for it. Review the advantages below.

  •   Highlight, Measure, Record with ease
  •   Stop manually summarizing takeoff
  •   Eliminate re-takeoff on projects
  •   Never miss a change order again
  •   Streamline RFI communication
  •   Integrate with QuickBid, Excel, & Accounting

Manual takeoffs are slow. Digital takeoffs are blazing fast.

Many contractors are pros at manual takeoffs, but they spend several more hours than they would with our incredibly powerful On-Screen Takeoff®. Making the switch from manual takeoff counts and calculations on paper plans to digital takeoff is easy because we designed On-Screen Takeoff to follow the estimator’s process. The digital plans are color coded. Linear footage, areas, and counts are automatically collected with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Real time recording saves hours of back and forth from plans to the ledger or Excel.

   I’m at least one-and-a-half times more efficient by using On-Screen Takeoff.    - John Flanders - General Manager


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Quick Guide to On-Screen Takeoff

On-Screen Takeoff® is proven to streamline all digital plans and takeoffs. You will be able to bid in less than a quarter of the time you did with paper, markers, and rulers, and greatly improve your team's communications with change orders. The overlay feature highlights what is new in blue and what is old in red.

Replace manual takeoffs that cost you hours in time and thousands in cash printing several plans for each bid and unproductive time and gas driving paper plans back and forth from your office to the job site. Watch the video...