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Fall Leaves Bring Golden Savings

New Customers Take 30% Off in October

The busy fall season is here. There’s no better time to unleash the power of On-Screen Takeoff for faster, more accurate bids. New customers can save 30% when they purchase On-Screen Takeoff® and training in October. Get started now to:

  1. Complete bids in a fraction of the time
  2. Swiftly drag-and-drop to build takeoffs and calculations
  3. Keep track of, and see, change orders
  4. Integrate work with Quick Bid, Excel, and other estimating tools
  5. Automatically save work so you’re quickly on to the next job

Reserve your discount. Complete the form and get on your way to winning more work.

Easily Auto-Count Same Shape and Size Objects

Tired of counting outlets, sockets, and sprinklers? With Optical Character Recognition (OCR), On-Screen Takeoff will auto-count same shape and size objects within any drawing – down to the last item.

Eliminate Manually Summarizing Takeoff

Double- and triple-checking your takeoff summaries for accuracy costs you time -- and doesn't guarantee everything's accounted for. Worrying about manual mistakes or oversight in the summary doesn't have to be an issue.

Time is Money, and Rework is Costly

Instead of retaking off a whole floor or an entire set of plans – quickly takeoff changes or repeating assemblies on each floor with typical groups. This prevents unnecessary rework and eliminates lost productivity counting similar items.

Customer Testimonial
  On-Screen Takeoff is very easy to use and easy to do takeoffs. I wouldn’t want to work without it now.  
~ Richard Dale - Consultant